In this week’s astrology forecast from Lorna Beven she emphasized, “Don’t even try to “understand “ it – each of us will have our own unique experience of transformation. Just open to it – it’s irresistible. We are revisiting the time of the patriarchal takeover in order to metamorphose, eliminate and dissolve the artificial structures, dynamics, beliefs, memories, conditioning of the past.”

Which brings out the question, Who are we in this brave and wonderful new world we are creating?  Moreover, it is the question that comes up in the beginning of Gregg’s Braden’s newest book, Human By Design, “Everything from our self-esteem to our self-worth, our sense of confidence, our well-being, and our sense of safety, as well as the way we see the world and other people, stems from that question of who we think we are.”

We stand on the brink of a new way of being. We have all felt, noticed and experienced that the world is changing.  What’s more,  it is only logical then to change our definition of that great question along with knowing that our story in the world must change also.  The renowned physicist Niels Bohr fifty years ago reminded us that the key to solving a mystery is found within the mystery itself. “Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution,” he said. “It forces us to think differently in order to find it.” Bohr’s words are just as powerful today.  Knowing now you are the writer, director and producer of your story I invite you to be a creative genius. What’s more take pause and know you are becoming more and more superhuman – downloaded with extraordinary abilities of intuition, compassion, empathy, love, self-healing, and more.  Now is the time to step up to the plate and confirm this overwhelming truth of our Divinity. We are coded with an  of extraordinary array of infinite potential.

One of the greatest visionaries in history, Chief Seattle, a leader of the Suquamish people of the American Pacific Northwest, reminds us of his timeless message, “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”

The power that each one of us acknowledges within ourselves is what is going to heal ourselves and the planet as well. As we empower and transform ourselves while creating our new story will define the quality of our lives and transcend humanity.  Yes, You/We are that powerful.

I love this question and in our changing times we can keep changing our story. However, while doing this  remember that whatever brings you joy, whatever you are passionate about, include that in your story.  Khahlil Gibran reminds us that work “is our love made visible.”  How are you manifesting and making your “love visible.”

It’s through our passion that makes our love made visible.  Here lies our greatest potential as we transcend ourselves through the choices we make. Know you are worthy of your dreams.  You deserve everything.  You were born for greatness. You are the Wizard of You.  The greater we feel about ourselves the greater the capacity to receive more.

And now know the next question is will you take that quantum leap,  jump off that cliff and give birth to that extraordinary potential that lies waiting within each and every one of you? Are you willing to be the author of your own story knowing it will take great discipline, courage and strength.  For if you don’t go within you will be without.  And doing the inner work will always result in the outer experience. I look forward to the answer.

The universe is rooting for you. As you awaken today and give the unique gifts that no one else can give but you know you are not alone. Know that no one else can write that story, paint that picture or sing that love song that only you can do to perfection. Come alive and be the best you. A new humanity awaits us all. This new Reality knows your name. Reality needs your service and today may you receive the Blessings of who you truly are. Know your love is just a miracle!

I want to wish the best Birthday ever to one of the most wonderful, faithful and supporting friends, Josh Lamothe. Josh, you have helped me in more ways than I could possibly list.  Without you, this Muse-letter would not exist!