Marcy Heller helps people clarify and manifest their dreams. She has inspired and empowered thousands (even some celebrities) over the past 20 years to redesign their lives with her inspirational numerology and tarot readings.

Clients seek her guidance on everything from relationships and careers to spiritual issues and even major life decisions. She has a unique ability to help you see the infinite possibilities when you bridge consciousness with divine wisdom to create the most joyful and miraculous experiences in your daily life, and live the life you were born to live.

Marcy is devoted to the empowerment and evolution of the human spirit. Her belief in unlimited human potential conveys a positive image of the future and each individual’s ability to shape their own divine destiny. She impacts all of her clients with wisdom and love. Marcy is impeccable in honoring her code of ethics; she is a superb communicator and the master of her craft!

Make your next event magnificent with personalized psychic, numerology or tarot readings for your guests.

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