When Macy left Portland, OR several months ago to move back to Florida, the brightness of Portland was just a bit dimmer. Marcy’s loving heart and wise consultation promoted heart-centered community and encouragement to those looking to connect with themselves and others through the Divine that is within us all. Her generosity of spirit and heart is the mark of a true healer, and, coupled with her high sense of integrity, she provides clear direction and insight through numerology, tarot card readings and other special ways. My personal experience of Marcy was indeed magical. Her insight during my numerology sessions and tarot card readings were spot-on. I have recommended her to several of my clients in Portland. She is a gem of the highest order!

Jeevani Soma
Integrative Bodywork
Portland, OR


I have known a lot of mystics, healers, channelers, psychics and astrologers all over the United States and beyond.  Marcy has one of the “puffiest hearts” of all! With this love, and her own personal practice and devotion to the science of numerology and other tools she created a field of transformational thought and energy in my living room and in my being. I experienced an immediate shift in consciousness that brought me into alignment with my truth, my path, and divine support. Then, IMMEDIATELY, the outside world began meeting me with blessings to match this new vibration and the positive energy just bounces back and forth and up and up. I am beyond grateful!

Elise Crohn
Art is Nectar for the Soul


Thanks Marcy! I can’t thank you enough for the insight and illumination that I received from your numerology reading. It has helped me to shed light on certain aspects of my personality and how they may affect my habits and preferences. I also got a lot out of the angel reading at the close of the session which reinforced what we had previously discussed! Blessed be!

Speech Therapist
Boca Raton, FL


Marcy has been both a teacher and an inspiration to me. She’s also an amazing person and I feel truly grateful to know her.

Bill, San Francisco


Marcy Heller is an amazing intuitive reader and is very tuned in to whatever message is needed at this moment. She walks the path of divine humility. She has helped me making more positive and loving choices in my life and I highly recommend working with her on many levels. She has inspired me through her fantastic art creations as well as advised me through numerology, tarot and prayer.

Donna Davis
MFA, Art Therapist
Blue Angel Crystal Activation Intuitive


Marcy exceeded my expectations and opened my eyes. Before, I wondered if numerology was like a horoscope – one size fits all – however, with Marcy it was nothing of the sort. Our time together was relevant, personal, helpful and most of all inspiring.

Heidi M., Portland