The world is waiting for your gifts. Begin now to move deliberately into the directions of your dreams and experience the Magic of You through the science of Numerology.

Numerology is the Spiritual measurement of the soul’s progress and plan for this lifetime revealed in our name and numbers.

It is the study of cycles, vibrations and symbols and a scientific mirror that reveals your strengths, your plan and purpose for being here now. Through the letters and numbers in your name Numerology shows you the blueprint of your life. Nobody can live your destiny as well as You. The numbers and letters in your name are your savings account. It sets the stage for your style of communication, your abilities and talents and contributions for you to express through. Simply put it shows what you come here to accomplish, how the assignment should be undertaken and what tools you have been given to live a larger life.

Moreover, numerology is a great tool to show you the influences of the current year you’re in. “To Everything There Is a Season.” Everything goes in cycles – find out what yours are!


Numerology readings make great gifts for others, too!

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Here’s what you’re able to determine:

1. USING YOUR FULL NAME AT BIRTH: Your Basic Character and Personality
2. USING YOUR PRESENT NAME: Your Evolving Personality Profile (how you interact with life)
3. USING YOUR DATE of BIRTH: Your Soul’s Assignment (LifePath and Plan for this lifetime)
4. USING YOUR DATE of BIRTH: Your Present Life Expectations, Trends and Events
5. USING ALL OF THE ABOVE: Your Karmic Weaknesses, Strengths, Perceptions, Life Lessons, Relationships and Careers