“Between her expertise in Numerology, Astrology and Tarot, and her amazing insights, Marcy shared uplifting and inspiring cosmic wisdom that definitely changed my life for the better.”


P. Roberts
Palm Beach, FL

Wouldn’t you like to know your Life Purpose? Here’s How We Work Together…


  • Through the letters and numbers in your name, Numerology shows you the blueprint of your life
  • Life Path – The Blueprint of Your Life, the Direction that Your Soul Wants you to Pursue
  • Life Cycles – Your Soul’s Individual Rhythm
  • Life Mission – The Path of the Soul’s Intention and Destiny


  • Assist with career choices or personal relationships by communicating between your inner wisdom and higher self
  • Make authentic choices and align yourself with your feelings, desires, hopes, fears, thoughts, dreams and future plans
  • Gain clarity, identify areas to improve, make difficult decisions, nurture your relationships, find peace and improve your life

Angel Oracle Cards

  • Guide You to Release, Heal and Transform Behavioral Patterns
  • Receive Divine Intervention and Assistance
  • Remove Past Traumas, Lack and Limitations That up Until Now Blocked our Spiritual and Emotional Growth

“There are no words to express how Marcy is a true blessing and an extraordinary human being! She is highly gifted in her craft and has the compassion, exuberance, empathy and care for what she brings into this world and for her clients. I believe knowing oneself is essential on the path to evolution and growth. Marcy helps those to understand their journey more deeply by the sacred use of numerology!
Thank you for your wisdom and kindness. ”

– B. Scotti

“I was delighted with my reading. Marcy helped me to see my situation from a totally different perspective, and left me with a new sense of optimism!”

– JC Cole

“Marcy is a wonderful person who is dedicated to personal spiritual evolution and helping other do the same. The way she explained numerology is the only time it ever made sense to me, all others seemed like made up stuff. Her approach is very methodical and surprisingly precise. My life has been greatly enriched by knowing her.”

– R. Bigelow

“Marcy is a very important guide in our path to greater consciousness. She has gifted us with her presence in our lives. Knowing that we are in her thoughts and blessings make us so grateful. Very fortunate to be able to write this review.Mystical Marcy has been advising me for over a quarter of a century. Her readings are always credible, honest, intuitive and direct. There have been many occasions I have sought out her advice and she is truthful and kind. Mystical Marcy has been blessing in my life and should be in yours.”

– B. Garelick

Schedule a Numerology Reading

Before Choosing the Right Path for Guidance, it is Helpful to Know Where you Stand.

Book an Initial Discovery Session to Uncover your unique BluePrint Based on your Personal Life Purpose and Learn Where to Go Next.

We will Explore Together as we Consult the Tools of Numerology, Tarot and Angel Oracle Cards.

Only $175

Schedule a Reading

We begin by booking a private, personal reading. Readings can be arranged in person, by phone or video. Readings are all about you! They give you time and space to focus on yourself and receive your own personal insights from the Oracles.

Use Insightful Oracles

You know you are here to do bigger and better things! Using helpful spiritual tools we can receive insight, inspiration and guidance to awaken a new sense of purpose and learn how to remove what is in the way of achieving it.

Get Personalized Tools

Have the courage to follow what lights you up! Receive a personalized toolbox with practices, affirmations and reminders of Who You Are. Your Blueprint helps you to stay on course, follow your own path, connect with your soul and embody who you were meant to be.

The Oracles are Wonderful Tools to Help you Create a Spectacular Life.

They provide a great language to assist you in breaking through that glass ceiling and going beyond the limitations of your own mind.

They help reveal your magnificent purpose, provide answers and guide you to make the best choices.

They help you let go of limiting beliefs while discovering new ways to live with more fulfillment, happiness, love and excitement!

Words from a Fabulous Client…

My gratitude is boundless and nothing brings me more happiness and joy than assisting others grow and evolve in their lives. These oracles are my crafts. I’ve been aligned with them in one way or another for 25 years. When I’m working with others in a creative collaboration I’m entirely present while surfing the spirit of hope, transformation and adventure. Using your numbers, images, patterns and energy we can create infinite possibilities in and out of the limits of this world.

With full transparency and sacred space anything goes when you have a vision and need assistance, together we can make your dreams into reality.

Nothing is planned, it all folds organically whatever your desire is we can build a platform to make it come true, together. This is my work, my passion, my life and its all placed in service to you! Magic happens and miracles can unfold.

I can share this, not because I’m arrogant or a know it all. Because this is where I Am most at home. Where Divine Love can and does respond to everything. I have been in an intimate relationship with this work for 25 years; my connection with Spirit is boundless. If you are ready and wish to engage in a mystical, magical and collaborative way please call and we can set up an interview to work with one another.

Marcy Heller – Inspirational Artist

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