by Marcy Heller

Now that we are aware that we cannot solve any issue from the same perspective that our consciousness created it, we can understand that the most important thing we have is our consciousness. Without it we would not even be here! So it is essential to understand that in order to mend/fix anything we have to cultivate a higher perspective/viewpoint then what we are currently experiencing! By practicing mindfulness in each moment, instead of reacting, we have the choice to take a deep breath and breathe instead. By consciously choosing to expand your energy of love instead of fear, you expand. Choosing fear, you contract! By choosing the light of love for yourself, you raise the vibration not only for yourself but for all who can then receive it! As long as we are afraid of something or in fear, we are going to give up our power!

In Sara Langdon’s book, “The Wisdom of the Council”, it is written, “We want to give you the highest perspective here. As way-showers, as the highly conscious beings that you are, you have gone through your own transformations in order to create a better way, to guide others. The path you’re taking is the path of the way-shower. The way you live your life is how you create a new paradigm. We who are non-physical, those of us in a higher rate of vibration or a higher state of consciousness, are here to assist you because you are the ones open and allowing your consciousness to be elevated to a higher perspective. You are the ones who are the bridge between much higher states of awareness and consciousness and perspective, who bring greater potential and possibilities, and who can pave a better way forward for humankind.”

Langdon, goes on to write, “This transformation that you have undergone has brought your pain and suffering to the light, has elevated your awareness, your consciousness, to a place where you understand that you’re not broken, you’re not stuck, you’re not what happened in your life. You are something so much more. Through all sorts of divinely orchestrated experiences, you have healed great parts of yourself to return to a state of purity. You have gone through your own cleansing to a purification of your thoughts, a purification of your beliefs, a purification of your energy, so that you allow yourself to be in a vibration of joy, peace, and harmony within you. If you want to create anything in the world around you, you must first create it within yourself. If you want to heal the world, you must first heal yourself. If you want to create a more loving, harmonious, beautiful, abundant world around you, you must first create it within you. If you will remember this in all times, in all things, and in all circumstances, then the first step is always you, not what’s going on out there, but what’s going on within you.”

The more we can stay conscious and align with our higher selves, the more we can heal ourselves and the world at large. We are not here to save the world. We have chosen this time to incarnate to bring consciousness forth in a higher and a better way. To share more Light! As the pioneers, way-showers and trail-blazers, our lives are the models for a new paradigm. Every time we choose the higher road we bring more love and light not only to and through ourselves, but to the whole wide world!

In the beginning and in the end it is You that truly matters!  For those of us who have endured the un-endurable, who are now reading these words, the gateway is now opening to enter a whole new world.

Our Souls have created this experience we call life to accelerate and amplify the Love that we are. However, the big flaw in that vision is that most of us are not living from Love. We live in the intellect of our minds and not from the Love of our hearts. When we live in our head, we’re dead. We live in a world that seems to celebrate everything about performance, achievement, prosperity, wealth, social standing, etc. We eclipsed our own core-values under the weight of the rules that the world handed down to us. From the time we are born we have been taught to believe in looking for the treasures outside of ourselves-instead of recognizing and celebrating who we are. We have been taught to repress, hold back, be polite and be respected from living through our left-brain. Being in our heads for most of us means we often refrain from speaking our truth, not being authentic, not living from our hearts and holding back from expressing the thoughts and feelings that allow our passions and dreams to come true.

Fortunately, all this is changing.

Collectively, we have made a choice that we wanted to move towards ascension rather than destruction, which therefore set-up a cascade of new changes, beginning with a higher consciousness that we have never experienced on this earth plane. This is our test. Our initiation. One of the measures of Spirituality is how loving a person can be.  It’s the measure of how willing we are to allow grace, some power greater than ourselves, to enter our lives and guide us along our way.  The whole reason we incarnated on this planet is to bring the darkness home to the light. It is so surprising how so many people are not doing it! If you want the world to be different, your job is to dream it different, and to be, and to share, and to radiate every quality you want to see in the world, in service to that different dream.

In each moment, as we create, take pause and know that the most essential thing, the main thing, is to understand that we are creating our world with our every thought, every word, every choice, and every action.  The way that we think, and interact as the collective consciousness is making our world the way it is right now. So if you want the world to be different, your job is to be different. To dream it differently,  and to radiate every quality you want to see in the world in service to that unique dream of your creation.

No one is more important than You! Therefore know when you start to integrate all the good, bad and the ugly and step courageously into the unknown the universe will support us in ways we could never imagine.  We are the miracles and blessings that Love created us from.  A new humanity awaits us all – we were born for this time!Up until now we have lived and experienced a world that worshiped limitations and what is not possible! I believe no matter what will come – no matter how harsh, challenging or uncomfortable, something wonderful is happening now.