by Marcy Heller

The conditions in which we are now finding ourselves are the gateways to discovering the genuine purpose of our lives. In times of uncertainty the only thing to be certain of is our own inner strength and truth. To be alive at this time means to witness, willingly or unwillingly, the upheaval of the world, where anything goes. When we surrender and accept that we are living amidst a great metamorphosis that involves everyone and everything, we can begin to not take things so personally. We become more tolerant, cultivate more empathy, compassion and the courage to course-correct so we are better able to endure the troubling and sometimes very tragic events that are occurring in our lives. We are being called to be the trail-blazers, the pioneers, to do it differently and not to return to normal, but to create a deeper understanding about life on Earth and help bring human culture and great nature back into balance for the most benevolent outcome for All.

According to the great scholar James Hollis, “As I reflect on this pattern that is going on that has so often been called a passage. In all passages, something is exhausted, something is lost and irretrievable, and something to replace it is not apparent. In all passages, there is a death of something—naiveté, the old road map, a plan, an expectation, a strategy, a story, and so on. And what is to come is not yet present, not available, at least not conscious. Sometimes those passages are abrupt and the in-between state short; sometimes this most difficult in-between takes years to play out. There is one clear consistency, however: nature, our nature, evolves by way of death. How else can something within us grow and emerge without clearing away the old? And that same nature is always seeking the next stage in service to its purposes—though certainly not to our comfort or control. For those who stick it out, however, something larger is always wishing expression through them.”

Astrologically, it is a perfect storm for setting your intentions and beginning to hold the vision, making it a memory you can’t forget! (See Lorna’s forecast below.) Everything we need is inside, as the author Paulo Coehlo wrote, “I have inside me the winds, the deserts, the oceans, the stars, and everything created in the universe. We were all made by the same hand, and we have the same soul.”

We are being called to be our authentic selves. In other words, you are returning to your natural state of being, Grace. Moreover, at the same time, these energies are lifting us to not only be more independent, but interdependent as well. This is why so many of us are being drawn to one another on an as-needed basis. The gateway of light is activating all of us and seems it is the theme for the next 200 years where we are here to create heaven on earth.

The groups and tribes that are being formed at this time will be about your desire to raise the level of consciousness here on Earth and to experience all of the energies that are being presented to us right now.  The desire for more unity has been birthed by the divisiveness that you have all experienced in one way or another here on this earth plane.

Whether we learn through relationships, health or wealth, our Spirits will always keep prodding us towards more love, courage and wisdom. Whatever life is demanding of us is our call where to do our work!  Moreover, our Spirits will guide us back to our heart center even through the darkest night of the Soul. As Carolyn Myss puts it so beautifully, “become your own Spiritual Director!” The bridge is your connection from your heart to the Divine. Seek its counsel through conversation, prayer and reflection. Only then can we speak our truth. Every choice we make matters!  Our Souls are in Crises and it is just as real as physical or psychological sufferings!

Therapist and Storyteller, Michael Meade in his book, ‘Awakening the Soul’ wrote, “We live in a time of overwhelming challenges and seemingly impossible tasks. Yet, this is not the end of time, but a break in the rhythm of history that also creates openings to the realm of great imagination and the possibility of reconnecting to the Soul of the World. When time cracks, the moment opens to eternity, making knowledge and wisdom available. Such moments of awakening become “lived time;” time fully lived in which we awaken to a greater sense of the world and our place in it. Change is the essence of life; but as people face great changes and an unknown future, they tend to become fearful. As fear spreads, most try to cling to something familiar and try to control things in order to reduce the terror of being  overwhelmed. Yet, the overwhelming lesson of history, on both collective and individual levels, is that closing down and holding tight to familiar things does not work. Amid such massive disorientation one of the few ways to find sense and meaning is to find the inner order, the shape and style of one’s own soul.”

In this very unsettling time of uncertainty one of the biggest issues causing so much despair is that we do not know who we truly are. Who we truly are is our ‘True North’ that we can grasp onto as everything around us at times seems to be spinning out of control. It is not about who others want us to be; but who we are at the deepest level of our Soul. In the midst of all the chaos, anxiety and fear, what the world is asking of US is to rise above and not be afraid of Who We Are! We are all being called upon to course-correct, become our authentic selves and re-awaken our dreams within! As a matter of fact, as Meade writes in the above book, “as the outer world grows more uncertain and disruptive it becomes more important to have a sense of inner orientation and essential self-worth.” More than ever!

All these so called obstacles, challenges and road-blocks are merely pushing us into our wisdom. The Universe is calling us back to ourselves, not to look outside for comfort or safety, but to go deeper inside ourselves. It seems that if we all engage in some self-sacrificing, and stay with something long enough, voila! we awaken to our wisdom! Our new world is forcing us to be Deliberate Creators and not Victims! Remember the old adage ‘necessity is the mother of invention!’ Every time we create anything we are adding something of value to the world! Creation becomes present through the creative acts of people! As Spiritual Champions, we are here to become fully alive and color our world with our Presence/Presents!

What a wonderful opportunity now to go within and develop a personal relationship with Divine Love that resides within each and every one of you. Once you align with the unspeakable source of The Divine, you open to the mystery at the heart of everything – the reality that you are your own universe. Let go of your mind and what your senses are telling you – this isn’t the tool to use for navigating this new level of uncharted light energy. To stop seeing and listening to our minds, and to see with the Eyes of our Heart. Only your Divine Heart is a match for this frequency.  Begin to make it a habit to create from there.  This is Universal Sacred Medicine. It starts with you, with each of us taking responsibility for our own evolution.  What’s more, during these incredibly intense and interesting energies that seem to be permeating the planet, if you’re having a difficult time loving yourself, just try accepting yourself. After all that is the curriculum we signed up for this time around. To be human!

In letting go we have created the space we need to re-program the field with something bigger and better! We can re-write our stories. Since our lives are all based on our belief systems, make your system an incredible and powerful one. Know that as way-showers and star-seeds you are continuing to transmit light frequencies. Do it your way and create your own personal philosophy in which to live by. It is immense. You get to decide how life will be paying you back!  What’s more is the bigger picture, when you are asked the question-what footprints are you going to leave on this planet?

Keep shining your blazing divine light on the sore, tight, aching places in all of us. And keep letting those precious energies know that they are included, they are welcome, they are holy, here in the Vastness. What’s more, take pause to read again the words from Rabbi Naomi Levy, “I believe that God is forever pleading with us, “Listen.” Every day we are being asked to do something we are resistant to doing: to look deep inside our own souls and do an honest accounting of where we are, and where we are going. Where am I needed? Have I strayed from the path of my life? Have I become self-satisfied? Have I stopped learning and growing and changing? Big questions. Heavy questions that require heavy lifting. And we’re all tempted to look away. But if we just take selfies all the time we might miss out on all the blessings waiting for us. And certain blessings can only be uncovered by digging deep. I believe that we have the capacity to move beyond the self and our sense of separateness to a higher realm where we can perceive the greater whole that we are part of, the whole that unites all of creation.”