January is here. Take pause and know we made it to 2017. News Flash: these energies are BIG! Anything is possible in 2017 as we emerge into the promise of pure potential. As the psychic teacher Andrew Martin writes, “We are in the midst of a galactic transformation unlike any other in history. The fact that so many things seem to be falling apart is a good thing. It is evidence of the arrival of the new. As my Granny used to say: “Gold is refined through terrific heat”. So let it go, let it burn, let it crumble and fall. Trust the process and allow yourself to open to a higher level of awareness. A higher level of being awaits. Allow the dissolution of the old so you can begin to build the new. Know that you are held and carried by the same cycles of life and that you too will be reborn.”

Moreover, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the profound sadness from the events of last Friday that were brought into our community and into the world at large. I can’t say what anyone else might do when faced with the ongoing destruction here and around the world. But to paraphrase Clarissa Pinkola Estes, I know that to help one must start from a place of anywhere. Anywhere within one’s reach.

For myself, I will keep expanding my outrageous love to transcend the outrageous pain and suffering here and across the world, knowing the great creative spirit resides within us all. I invite you all to go there with me. This is not a perfect world. However, we are showing up – and more than just on social media alone!

So to up-level the frequency and vibration for ourselves and the planet I am asking all of us to make an agreement to not let today be the trajectory of yesterday. There is no more regular. There is no more normal. For myself, I want to be surprised. If we are going to climb together we must create NEW. God is the possibility of possibilities. Or, if you prefer to use the word Higher Power, Buddha, Force, etc., whatever you feel comfortable with. Let’s make it NEW every day. Can we let go of the idea of regular? Can we open up to impromptu? To be more victorious. To speak something new. We and the planet our evolving. If we don’t let go of the old we are going to be dragged. Yes, we have free will; however, in order to be free we have to will ourselves into something better. Something more! After all we are the primary agents of evolution. Take it personally. Know too that the universe is responsive to requests. We are being helped in all of this wonderful chaos. We only need to ask.

We are creating what we can imagine. We are realizing it is our turn and there are parts of us that are getting ecstatic. Do you want to know what love is? Not ordinary love but outrageous love? I do. Know what you want. Know what you are not willing to be in the book of life without. We live in an infinite universe. What do you want to experience? I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but my hearts in tune? Is yours? Know you are A-LIVE.

In this new consciousness you don’t get to be a hero from being a victim. Let’s all transform victim hood by claiming back our power knowing that the God/Goddess in us is the personal force of evolution herself. Let’s create a new world where we can not only feel each others pain but can also experience each others joy.

In each moment, ask and know we deserve to receive. The gates are opening wide. We can all hold the vision of what our humanity can become. If we do this together and reach out to humanity everywhere, we will tip the scales of evolution even more. To have more love. More compassion. More truth. More bliss. More beauty. More health. More prosperity. More sympathy. Let us hold these thoughts together so each of us can live our life mission more fully and create a universe where we can transform the world as never before.

I send love.