by Marcy Heller

“Turns your demons into art, your shadow into a friend, your fear into fuel, your failures into teachers, your weknesses into reasons to keep righting. Don’t waste your pain. Recycle your heart.” – Andrea Balt

Dearest Courageous Warriors,

Take pause and know that I would like to embrace you, hold your hand and let you know how much you matter! There are words to express my gratitude and respect for each of You who is honoring yourself smiling as we move forward towards our commitment to rising above all of the earthly dramas taking place on this planet. And for all those who are consciously choosing a higher vibration to thrive through faith and trust. We are at the cross-roads and must get beyond our fears, lack and limitations if we want to ascend to a higher mastery and align with the presence of all the celestial love and guidance that is here surrounding us in all ways.

The noted philosopher and conscious teacher, Terry Patten in one of his many interviews is inviting us to go beyond our self-fulling desires and open up to a new 360 degree feeling for all of life! To paraphrase Mr. Patten, he is asking us to take this enormous leap for mankind so we can create new and different kinds of relationships, friendships, community and cooperation. For all of us to wake up and drop into a deeper level of our own intuition in order to receive the highest realizations from ourselves on how to proceed forward. As we each participate in this personal maturation longing to express itself, the universe will draw us to others who are at the same level and frequency so we can change our world, go beyond limitations and vulnerably share in order to learn from one another. We are going to continue to have course corrections at every intersection for we are pioneering a new humanity. For it was Eldridge Cleaver who once said, “If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem!”

Humanity is waking up as the veils are slowly lifting so we can know who we truly are; finite and infinite, matter and spirit, human and divine. As we cultivate the courage to wake up and notice what is constricting us we can walk this new path that is being led by ‘The Divine’. Instead of being constricted, we can use these new experiences to birth our newer self. It is a magical path and we are all being given the precious and rare opportunity to create the world in a wholly new way. Every action we take creates ripples in the energy field for others. This new life we are giving birth to begins at the end of our comfort zone!

In each moment, to be with whatever may be constricting us is a new yoga for our awakening into higher consciousness. We are now not just receiving new information, we are evolving into a higher dimension each time we begin acting upon it. No wonder many of us have had more than one experience of the ‘Dark Night of the Soul.’

This incredible adventure/journey is bringing us all together to co-create the capacity for us to be greater than we ever dreamed possible. As we forgive ourselves and others and work internally on the wounds that have kept us limited up until now, we can change the climate of what is. When we can go into our joy and wonder instead of our fear and limitation. This is evolution. We are at the precipice where we can create heaven or hell for ourselves and others. Moreover, when you have crossed this river of change, celebrate, for it is no small accomplishment!

Every thought is a choice to choose either a grievance or a miracle. Moreover, the choices we make create the house we live in. We see the world not as it is, but as we are. As we learn to bathe into acceptance and embrace what is, we merge into the energies of love and everything that is in the way of who we are to just falls away so we can finally let our light shine brilliantly.

As the universe invites us to come alive and align with something greater than ourselves in order to serve something bigger, we are making the choice to be greater than our past and shift into a new state of being. We can’t do this alone – this is why we need one another. Once we commit to our deeper destiny, everything changes!  We are being presented with these enormous opportunities to make the invisible visible by believing in our own magnificent power!

Let’s all together create a different global pandemic. One of Love, Peace and Wonder. Let’s do it! Each and every One of Us represents the change that will help our planet thrive into this new future where we can manifest a new, sustainable, peace-filled and loving Universe. You are infinite potential. We have not come here to learn. We have come here to remember who we Truly are. So much love to you all at this most incredible, most important and most profound time, when everything and everything is possible. May you feel the presence of all the celestial love and guidance that always surrounds you and may your life be filled with magic and miracles. Please remember to take good care. Be gentle and loving with yourself as you open up to your own Divine Love and the Angelic presence in your life. Please call upon me if you would like to have a mystical reading to assist you in navigating these uncharted waters. Be well and create the best week ever. I love you madly.