by Marcy Heller

Each time we reach a critical moment in our life our Soul hopes that we are about to change, to evolve, to become a bigger and better person.

Fate will keep nudging at our Souls and endangering our life and the world we live in until we finally accept that some deeper truths are rising to the top of our life to draw attention that something needs to be healed or finally faced! Now with everything rising to the surface and with so many people being pushed to the point of despair, do not give up hope. This is certainly not the end of time but a break in the rhythm of history that also creates opening to the possibilities of the Soul of the world where more magic and miracles never cease to exist!

When that time for healing comes along either we will be proactive and take charge or the universe will find a way to knock us down with a 2 x 4 so that something in our life can no longer be covered up or denied!

When this happens, it is too late for something on the outside to aid us or to hope for a magical antidote to heal that wound…that healing must come from where it has been all along, within us! We are always being called to follow our divine blueprint and in the end become wild and weird enough to finally find our way back home to become our authentic selves. And now with the perfect storm literally and physically our world is in great turmoil! As this vision of possibilities unfolds, not from the chatter, chaos or from the separation of the world, but from the calling that is singing from our souls, only then we become available to a higher calling. When we align with our higher self which is always broadcasting from the Penthouse and follow those gluten free-breadcrumbs we become a vibrational match for whatever we are being. Our Magic is Manifested and Miracles shall follow Miracles and Wonders begins to occur!

And, here is the rub! Most of us are afraid of any meaningful changes at all. It’s that division within us that causes most of our suffering. One part of us (the smaller self), doesn’t want to grow. This is where we feel our division. Our deeper, higher self says bring it on!

The ego self can easily be overwhelmed from one minute to another. It is our old tapes that keep running wild. Herein lies the situation we are caught between these two worlds!

As the uncertainty grows in this current climate and the crisis multiples on the outside, the sense that there is a deep self or Soul within each person becomes more important than ever before! Moreover, we still very much need to have compassion for ourselves and at the same time we have to have a greater tolerance for the insecurities and anxieties of the little self that is trying to drive the bus!

Now when no one is certain what is coming next, we can feel the overwhelm of uncertainty in all aspects of life; spiritually, physically, emotionally and cosmically. Through any crisis we either become a bigger soul or we become a smaller person. With this new surge of cases and illnesses and with a resurgence of the virus, the Soul sees this new opportunity/crisis as another occasion to allow our Souls to create a bigger self.

Again, this is where we find ourselves, in the threshold between regression and transformation. That is our work to discover where we are trapped and allow transformation to begin.

There is always the danger of giving up on our true self at a time when abandonment and overwhelm are two of the more prevalent challenges we face. Therefore, we must not forsake and abandon ourselves. For each time we do, we create more pathways in our brain. Each of us were traumatized when we were abandoned at a critical point of our life. Therefore we fear that pain and trauma over and over again, as it is still within us from birth. So the question becomes, how do we stop abandoning ourselves in each crisis that keeps coming up? Only our Souls can reveal what we are holding on to and what is blocking us from our own truth and authenticity!

If we do not uncover what is within us, we can’t let it go. That is why we have such a hard time stepping into our creative genius. When we don’t let go of what lacks vitality we have no room for the surge of imagination to come into us. Therefore, it keeps us trapped in a small life that at best provides a small sense of safety. When we can’t let go of what no longer serves us, we are carrying too much baggage and is weighing us down immensely.

That is why all the masters and saints urge us to die before we die. That those little deaths are deaths of the ego and every time we allow the greater self to eclipse that smaller self, the ego dies a little. It is a kind of paralysis of spirit that causes us to just stagnate instead of creating the life we were born to live! Remember, it is not so much in answering the big questions, why are we here? What brings us more joy? What is our passion rather than our purpose?

Each of you have inspired and touched my heart forever. I urge you to become yourselves in such a grand way that will only add blessings to the blessed life you have now. It seems our fate at this time is being alive in a world full of great chaos, in a time of overwhelming uncertainty, fear and confusion. It is easy to forget that the real war is still inside of us and the greatest arc of healing is for us to continue to work on ourselves, heal the wounds and the poisons we have all encountered in our lives and forgive! This time we can take these wonderful opportunities for bringing out all the inner antidotes to make ourselves whole again!

Nurture yourself as the energies intensify. Stay in your happy place. Find a place of peace, clarity and kindness within your own hearts. You are also birthing a new YOU so treat yourself with the compassion and gentleness that befits a newborn baby! Take into consideration that as humans we have so many complicated issues that surround us and limit us so we end up blocking our true heart’s desire. An adventure becomes meaningful when it forces us to become ourselves. Sometimes that means digging down deep. Along the way we will encounter old fears, paranoia and negative attitudes. We must be willing to continue to break these inner spells and keep awakening more than just once in order to ascend and enter the gates of awareness.