by Marcy Heller

Dear StarSeeds,

Meister Eckhart writes, ‘Time makes us old, and Eternity makes us young.’

We are at a huge precipice where we are now accepting what is, and letting go of what was, so we can create the space for what will be!

Take pause and know that deep in my heart lies a true desire to assist and uplift each and everyone of you as much as possible in all ways, always. On that note, to get this party started the most important question I want to ask you today is, ‘Do you feel Loved? In this ever changing world where we are constantly being bombarded, as if we were immersed in an amusement park with so many distractions that take our focus away from inside ourselves to an ever changing external world that promises everything we could ever dream of I want to remind us that the main thing is the main thing, is the main thing…Do you feel Loved?

I can only speak for myself. Moreover, what I Am learning is that unless we can go within and truly love ourselves unconditionally we are going to continue to manifest many of the conflicts, flaws and blocks that keep us from manifesting that illusion of the Gold Ring! With so many ways being presented to us for loving, living and manifesting today it is no wonder we feel confused, conflicted and overwhelmed. So today, I wanted to gift you, to encourage your own journey towards empowerment and enlightenment by focusing on that million dollar question – Do I Love myself? Because if we don’t feel that love, it creates the energy of feeling ‘we don’t deserve’, and then we seem to sabotage ourselves (from whatever that gold ring/desire is.) It is so essential to remember that main thing. When we feel the vibration of love, we are so aligned with the Universal law of Love that we easily and effortlessly are able to create. When we are tweaked with the magic of Divine Love, all that energy, much like a symphony filled with the hormones of endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin surge through our bodies, electrifying and renewing our passions of joy. Our whole Being becomes inspired! That energy/frequency opens up a portal that leads us to infinite possibilities to Expect a Miracle!

Our Souls have created this experience we call life to accelerate and amplify the Love that we are. However, the big flaw in that vision is that most of us are not living from Love. We live for the intellect of our minds and not from the Love of our hearts. When we live in our head, we’re dead. We live in a world that seems to celebrate everything about performance, achievement, prosperity, wealth, social standing, etc. We eclipsed our own core-values under the weight of the rules that the world handed down to us. From the time we are born we have been taught to believe in looking for the treasures outside of ourselves-instead of being recognized and celebrated for who we are. We have been taught to repress, hold back, be polite and be respected from living through our left-brain. Our culture doesn’t recognize or celebrate our differences, only what the society at that time deems important and acceptable. Being in our heads for most of us means we refrain from speaking our truth. We are not authentic. We are not living from our hearts and consequently hold back from expressing the thoughts and feelings that allow our passions and our dreams to come true or to thrive. We have lost that loving feeling to a world that we don’t even recognize any more. We are not living our Bliss. We have traded our uniqueness for acceptance. We have betrayed ourselves and then wonder why others have betrayed us. We have abandoned who we truly are so we could be accepted by those who live in this world that we don’t even relate to anymore.

Many times when we speak words of joy, in a lot of cases it falls on deaf ears. The bottom line is that for many of us now with these ever-ready changes we have lost our voice! The voice of our Soul! Consequently, we are focused more on doing, than becoming, leading us to be governed by our minds alone. We haven’t let our imaginations soar, least we be judged that we are not being realistic, sensible or responsible. In many cases we have allowed others to rule our lives when they couldn’t even run theirs! We are now healing those wounds of not loving ourselves because of the shame or blame that has been forced upon us, and now the ‘work’ our Souls are screaming for us to heal is to reconnect with the Love that we are. To get back that Loving feeling.

We are at a precipice now where we are all being called to reach out for a higher state of consciousness. One with much more compassion and Love for ourselves and others. Our Souls are screaming for us to change our perception of ourselves and start behaving and feeling like the Gods/Goddesses we are. It is essential as we mid-wife this new universe to start taking our Souls more seriously, rather than judging our Spiritually as something weird, or woo-woo! When we start Loving ourselves and have compassion for our journey we transform our lives. When we start living from our hearts and Souls we are following our own Divine Blueprint exactly has the Creator had intended us to be all along! Getting out of our minds brings us Grace. Miracles occur. Manifesting comes with ease and grace.

As Archangel Metatron has stated, “I have come to you not to bring chaos or pain into your world, but to correct imbalances, bring you back to yourself, and open new doors where old ones have closed.” I believe the chaos that many of us are experiencing on a daily basis is to bring that energy out in the open so we can see it, feel it and heal it! To feng-shui and re-organize our life. All these occurrences are truly miracles to change our perception and consequently change our lives.

In Stewart Pearce’s brilliant new book, (Which inspired these musings and I highly recommend for all of us who are finding our way back home), ‘Diana-The Voice of Change’, he wrote, “ Princess Diana believed so fully in ecstasy, and we have all read the reports of her pursuit of love, when she realized that Charles was no longer her amour. Diana asks that we realize the vast potential of our love through ecstasy. Love asks that we show our love, for love is love, is love, is love. We don’t need to even know or like someone to show love, and even if we don’t feel particularly loving, we can still show it—the more we trust, the greater the gain; the more we love the greater the gain, the more we receive the greater the reciprocity, for these are the parameters of ecstasy.”

Pink is the color energy of Love. It is soft and gentle. Surround yourself in that pink light today. Open your heart and feel the Love. The love that is there for you. The Love that will never leave you. The Love that you have for who and what you are now. The Love for all you have been and done and for all that you still expect to be. Love is the only power. And to the extent that we love ourselves will determine our power.

Like a pearl that lies inside the scallop shell, I invite you to go within, find your own treasure, your own voice and discover perhaps for the first time in your life the gifts of learning to have a personal relationship with the Divine Love that is within and without you. Look and you shall find. Then become it. As they say in Zen, “If you can’t find it where you are standing, where do you wander in search of it?” It’s has been there for you waiting all along.