by Marcy Heller

What an incredible time to be alive. We are living in a renaissance, a re-birthing, giving rise to a whole new state of consciousness. We are experiencing the beginning of a far greater time for humanity. However; just like the caterpillar, which must perish so the butterfly can be born, we too are forming a new self/world from our old consciousness. The world we once knew is collapsing. That’s the main reason we must find new ways of being and to keep course correcting, keep moving towards the light while feeling the deeper truths inside of us. We were made for these times so we can all use our imagination as the ‘Cosmic Agents’, to access our creative genius. We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are. Therefore, if you don’t like your current situation you must start telling yourself a better story even before it becomes reality! A different philosophy of life is trying to be born.

When Einstein was asked how to become as smart as he was, he replied, “Read fairy tales!” When asked again, same answer almost, “Read more fairy tales!” When Jean Huston, the brilliant author and philosopher, questioned him about his answer, he replied, “My imagination allowed me to create everything!”

Our choices take place in our consciousness and become manifested in the Universe. Our imagination is our direct link/channel with the universe! In other words, we are the architects of our life – writers, producers and directors!

So one of the biggest messages is that we must see the new world with different eyes and envision it differently. We have to be the visionaries. And create through our imagination what we would like to experience. We are moving from the past, the present and the future, into now, which is the aim of our practice. As we stay in the Now without judgment we can feel clearly about what is happening for us in each moment. This is where our power lies. In being in the space of infinite possibilities! When we become the observer, whatever our intention is in that moment, we can change, up-level and create something even greater. We are at the precipice of a huge quantum leap and since there is strength in numbers, the more of us who are awake and conscious on this journey of self-healing, the more we can elevate not only our individual vibration but the collective’s as well. As Leonard Cohen rang the bells, “There is a crack, in everything…that is how the Light gets in!’ We’re not just the Originator, but the Receiver!

There is a flow state that allows for possibilities where you don’t have to figure out how it is going to happen. Then, by the awe of the universal presence, whatever we hold true to our vision is manifested with its own power and grace. Just like we did not create our organs, our breath, our digestion, nevertheless they do what they do. We can’t make these processes happen. When we put our attention on the sublime like joy and gratitude the body temple does what it is suppose to do. When we delete worry, scarcity, fear, etc. and focus on to joy and gratitude, vitality and flexibility reign supreme.

How do we go about this? To begin with, ask yourself “Who would I be if the vision I am holding is manifested? What will I be and how would it feel?” And, as this vision of possibilities starts to arise, not from the chatter, chaos or from the separations of the world, but from the song that is singing in your soul, we become available – we align with our higher self which is always broadcasting, and when we follow those gluten free-breadcrumbs we become a vibrational match for whatever we are being. Manifestation begins to occur.

At this auspicious junction in our Universe there are infinite possibilities – you came here at this time to be of great service to humanity. Anything and Everything is possible. The Universe is united in showing their appreciation and awe of just how much each of you have handled the challenges and density of Planet Earth during these times. Remember you are the most important person in your life. Put your needs first. Stay physically as well as mentally balanced knowing you are honored and protected.

May you all continue to be Blessed, as you are each such a Blessing to me. Remember that every moment you are creating your story. These are challenging times because we are each being challenged to dig deeper and aim higher while listening, speaking and living life full-heartedly! The challenges of living through an age of great anxiety, fear and uncertainty is enormous; however, it is also a means to assist us to move forward into a golden-aged state of awareness. It’s living in the awareness of great respect, kindness, compassion, generosity and gratitude. It’s a state of acknowledging our own power and unconditional love for ourselves and all sentient beings as we are all connected, doing the best while weaving a new life for ourselves and humanity! So as we mid-wife a new world, keep affirming that You Matter! You are sourced in Spirit! You are the Cosmos in drag! The Cosmic Agent who no longer has to play it small!