“Trust this moment and this moment alone. This is the current story. It is right Now and all that matters. Listen to it.” – Melissa LaFlamme

The scientific communities concur that energy and all of its frequencies: resonances, waves and spectrums comprise all things. Moreover, this same energy, as we have come to regard it as being out there, is the same energy that exists in our selves and that is in all of us all of the time, right here and everywhere present in the world in which we live! So it may not surprise you to now know that according to the channel Brenda Hoffman, “When you entered earth in this lifetime, you were a human being with karma from past experiences and with human DNA. You are no longer that being. For you are adapting to your new Universal being. Your Universal segments from many planets and other locations are now part of your original human. And your DNA adapted to accept that number and range of segments. Before achieving that segment increase, you eliminated the karma, the continuous loops that have been your past human experiences. You are no longer a human. Even though that thought might be frightening to some, it is time to glory in all you can now achieve. For you are no longer you – the human you – of last year or the year before.”

What a wonderful window of opportunity to start now to create the life you always new you deserved. The Buddha handed down many truths for all of us, one of them being, “The mind is the source of happiness and unhappiness and all that we are is the result of all we have thought.” Now as the new Super Human research now shows us that we are generating creation each moment – and if you hold that belief what do you want to manifest? Align that intention with a higher elevated thought and you are on your way to creating those magical moments!

What’s more is there is an invisible universe that is waiting in all of us to explore and for many is becoming more real than the visible one we have accepted until now. The vibration of energy in each moment is the most important element for creating the life you were born to live. Behold our frequencies have Risen!

Brenda, goes on to say, “You have experimented for months with joy, learning what brings a smile to your entity. And so it is you know the direction you will focus upon, but you wish to taste, test a few additional pieces to see if tutoring included pieces you might wish to explore. For some of your joy pieces have fallen by the wayside as others have captured more of your being. Such is neither here nor there for your new being other than helping you focus on what you wish to achieve now that you have transitioned from an earth being to a Universal being. Perhaps you do not yet understand that most of you initiated this earth life with thoughts of remaining human instead of transitioning to a Universal being. You transformed yourself beyond your expectations, as well as ours.

Once you declared yourself a Universal being – after the innumerable obstacles along the way – you moved outside our realm of knowing who you would become. Just as humans cannot truly understand or know another human.

So it is you are now flying free to explore your new environment. And even though we of the ethers are here to encourage, report new energy bursts and outline your possibilities, you have transitioned beyond what we know to be your next action or activity. And so it is you must declare yourself free from all outside influences – including us of the ethers. Perhaps this thought is frightening for you expect us to know more than you. You never expected you and those of the ethers to be equal. So just as you no longer need to give power to 3D humans, you no longer need or should give us more power than you.”

Today is about accomplishing great feats and to not be scared in defeat – to have the courage to be brave enough to think outside the box and to do it as often as possible. To live fearlessly and when we do know you are not only changing your world you are changing the whole planet! Moreover, according to Katya Turner, another great channeler, “What a powerful time we are in! We are shifting, changing, cleansing, being plugged back in – all at the same time. The energies of February eclipses were life changing, perspective-altering, shifting us on so many levels, that now everything that happened until now feels like a past life. It carries no major relevance, as we are NEW. Fully new. We look at our world differently, we process life differently, we show up in relationships differently, we feel completely different. In essence of these shifts we are finding our power in re-connecting with the core of our energy. It feels as though we are changing the shallow limited human perspective/being to deep powerful limitless energy being perspective. We are shifting from being a human to living as an energy being through the physical body. And it feels so good!”

When we begin to weigh those old habits against the new ones that are more aligned with our deeper truths we cross this river of transformation. It may feel uncomfortable – like swimming upstream: it takes discipline, courage and a true pioneering spirit. The more we can objectively feel what is going on in our mind/body the more we can take responsibility and change our thought forms to be in alignment with something greater. Moreover, the more we can change our thinking creating new and different emotions the more we are signaling new genes in new ways thus manifesting our intentions. No matter what your material resources or status in life, your intention—when clear and focused like a laser beam—will ensure the manifestation of your deeper destiny and dreams. What can you do today to be original? To be One of a Kind? Everything in numerology goes in cycles. We can wait until the universe hits us with a 2 x 4 or we can be proactive and evolve in a state of joy. Moreover, the astrologist Lorna Bevan writes, “Take a moment to breathe deeply today- finally the dim light of Sunday’s karmic Full Moon is visible at the end of the six week eclipse tunnel. What a trip it has been! Unlike anything any of us has experienced before. In so many strange ways the outer has become even weirder than the inner- as if there’s a speed glitch in the Wizard of Oz’ projector.”

Living in this awakened state is becoming more aware of the daily miracles we are creating and moving through, the biggest, of course being the miracle of life. By it’s soul signature Miracles are just changes in perception. The more you focus on Miracles – becoming more aware of all the daily Miracles, of course, somewhere in the very near future you will attract even more attention to your Magic and more Miracles will manifest because that is the state of your Being! Especially since whatever we focus on expands! The power of your vibration affects every part of your life and energy flows through you in multiple dimensions. This radical inner transformation and rise to a new level of consciousness may be our only hope to change.

The old style and way of thinking has been revolutionized . We have been re-calibrated… We are deliberate creators – generating creation each moment.

Here’s to the life of your dreams – Know you have a right to claim what you need to live fully functioning, healthy, prosperous and joyous lives. Today I invite you to awaken, appreciate and accept your true awesome and authentic nature – You matter and may all that you wish for be the least you receive.