by Marcy Heller

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” – Gospel of Thomas

“When a great ship is in harbor and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But…that is not what great ships are built for.” – Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Dear Courageous Spiritual Warriors,

In 2006, Sera Beak wrote a book, The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark. It was an open invitation to find our true selves and to start sharing that Divine Spark within each of us with the rest of the world. And now, this legacy more than ever is calling for us all to dig deeper for our own truth and to find our soul.

Never before have we been confronted with what is happening to our planet and to ourselves. Never before have most of us at the same time felt this enormous feeling of loss of control, pain and uncertainly. Our worlds have been turned upside down. Moreover, now that we are in the midst of a global pandemic the collective consciousness has for the most part (not every one of us), agreed on some level to an underlying feeling of the worst case scenario. Waiting for that proverbial shoe to drop!

I believe, as the teacher and author Gary Zukav wrote “the most invasive virus that we can experience today is fear.  It is contagious, spreads quickly, and dangerous. It puts our ability to give the gifts that we were born to give at risk, and a life without giving them is a life of emotional pain, psychological pain, physical pain, every kind of pain. There is no vaccine against fear, but there is a way to be healthy again if you become infected: Create authentic power. Frightened parts of your personality generate pain (you are infected when this happens) and loving parts of your personality relieve you of it when you cultivate them repeatedly (you become healthy again when this happens).”

Out from all the fear, pain and anguish there is a brand new healing that is coming forth. We have created the perfect platform to reclaim, remember and nourish those lost parts of our souls. I have learned through Sera Beak’s important work that soul loss doesn’t just affect us personally. It affects us collectively. Collectively our souls are trying to reclaim their lost parts. To our soul everything is significant. Nothing goes unnoticed through the lens of our soul. Therefore, it is our responsibility to stay open and trust the process.

Last year, after digging deeply to do inner work, I felt my soul for the first time. I also felt those parts that I had abandoned within myself. The patriarchal mother and fathers who built the paradigm to be happy, to feel love, and success were values that were placed upon us and seemed real at the time, but has now been proven to be not necessarily true!  Even though for the most part they did the best they could, their ideas and truths were based on false perceptions of happiness. It wasn’t mentioned for us to go within and to search our own souls for the love and happiness we have longed for others to give us. Now, on a much higher level, it seems we have created an opportunity to go within, explore and dig through all of our fears and false perceptions to discover for the first time ever who we truly are. Our soul’s work changes the playing field for ourselves and everyone around us.  Whether we are aware of it or even if we aren’t the truth is, beyond our bodies we are our soul.

In their extraordinary book, Womb Awakening, Azra Bertrand and Seren Bertrand, soul enchanters, declare that the, “New earth has been within us all long, waiting to birth. First and foremost we are on a healing journey to reclaim our souls. To develop an intimate relationship with it and discover in our everyday life.  We are not the agents of magic, we are the magic. We are not only the vessel of god we are part of god we are a beautiful living cell in the great cosmic body. We were not created as slaves. we are created to love and be loved, to thrive, to create, to enjoy, to inspire and be inspired, and to revel in creations.”

As Sera Beak’s tells us, “It is a journey to allow everything inside us that is not love to descent into the void in order to rebirth.” The great shift of 2012 prophesied by the Maya referred to this knowing that a cosmic birthing gate was opening – that we would enter a time of rebirth entering the mother’s cosmic womb.  Going over the edge feels like a form of dying to who we thought we were.  However, this process also renews us in order to birth the beauty of who we truly are. Life is a beautiful holographic mirror that reflects all we are back to us, in order to retore wholeness. It is no linear but a spiral journey. which will take you to zero point over and over again, but a a higher spiral.  No belief is real. Only love is. When we choose to open this door we are reborn. The return to our soul is the greatest revolution on the planet.   The soul has the power to birth and to rebirth. We are birthing a new earth into being. Together we can heal the inner and outer and return to love. We are weaving a new way home.”

When we begin to let go and start living through our hearts and not our heads, and as we are releasing all the blocks that have kept us from being our true authentic selves, something magical happens: we become alive again. We feel ourselves fully, possibly for the first time. We realize we are magical, magnificent, powerful creatures beyond measure. When we reach this place, even momentarily, we belong everywhere and nowhere. In polishing that mirror we will not only heal ourselves, but humanity as well.  When we look back in history, we are the living examples that which has been lost, exiled or founded can be restored to life again.

It took a pandemic for us to realize how holy and sacred our lives are. If we only knew how powerful we truly are, we would never doubt ourselves ever again!  We are here to heal ourselves – the holy and the broken not to mention all of humanity.  And the only thing that is blocking us from experiencing that joy is not aligning ourselves with who we truly are. In the past, we looked outside ourselves feeling something was wrong with us. Not any more. That past is over.  We are here to expand, accelerate and rejoice in our own unique greatness and power. To embrace our sensitivity, vulnerability, and even our confusion about life.  These are not detours, they are the very road less traveled that we are here to venture upon to heal. Once we take that journey, not only we will heal our wounds, they will change the field for everyone as they are the bread crumbs we need to follow to go through the eye of the needle and come home to ourselves.

We are on a healing journey to reclaim our souls.  To develop an intimate relationship with it and discover in our everyday life.  We are not the agents of magic, we are the magic. We are created to love and be loved, to thrive, to create, to enjoy, to inspire and be inspired and to revel in ecstasy through our creations.

As Leonard Cohen sang in his timeless song:

“You say I took the name in vain
I don’t even know the name
But if I did, well really, what’s it to you?
There’s a blaze of light in every word
It doesn’t matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah…

We have been challenged beyond the beyond.  And, remember through all of this as we move forward for each of us to re-write our stories we are the Hallelujah! Your true selves incarnation is one of immortality. Take your unique expression and go in and create the best new story to live your unique self. Let’s do this together – let’s become this hub of evolution! There is strength in numbers. One thing that we have learned through this experience is that there are no boundaries. And, last but not least, go into that Hallelujah and celebrate love. Celebrate Joy. Celebrate You!  Surrender to the infinite you and then spread your unique energy unto the world! In every second of your life, I pray for you all to experience perfect and abundant health. Take pause and remember the only way to eclipse the outrageous pain the world is suffering is with outrageous love! I love you madly outrageously!