For many of us who are seeking to make ourselves happier, healthier, wiser and wealthier it has almost become a full-time job. Rather than be happy with the life we have, why then are we inundated with so many things from the outside world that are trying in every-way to seduce us into having more? Why are we continuing to create these scenarios to fill us up and complete us? And, in turn to keep wanting/feeling we are not enough. Wanting has turned into an addiction in our universe. When we come home to ourselves we can then realize that we are enough-created flawlessly and perfectly and that we have everything we need inside of us to feel complete. What’s more is that most of the time it is not what we think that will make us happy but it’s usually the happiness we gained from the wisdom going though whatever that adversity or experience was.

Since the universe has a great sense of humor, in the beginning of the week I vowed not to abandon myself or bombard my mind with judgmental thoughts that make me wrong; but to have more loving and compassionate thoughts, no matter what came up.

Last Friday, I woke up struggling to feel better. While I was praying for something different to happen in my body I began to realize that energy flows where intention goes. The illusion of my pain only strengthened my resolve to be better. Even though my body wasn’t perfect in that moment I remembered I was! Who I AM is so much more than any feelings or symptoms and that the only thing I had complete dominion over was Myself. As Dr. Joe Dispenza writes in his wonderful new book, “When you make a decision at that level of attention your body has to respond to that change.” And thus my body went from my old self to my newer self.

I have come to know that by changing my internal circumstances I can change my attitude towards any external circumstances. How I think and feel is going to determine my state of being. Especially because we can make thought more real than anything else. Not judging, criticizing or abandoning myself I could stay present in my heart, living in creation, knowing there are infinite possibilities that can evolve from there rather then let my emotions or fear dictate my thoughts. I thus designed a new landscape for myself which gave me a new thought which created a new compass to navigate my way home and feel better. I reconstructed my mind which allowed me to stay present with myself at a higher frequency and then connect with a higher source of guidance so the pain didn’t pull me into the past.

So just maybe with this new Divine download I realized that we might be creating all of this on the outside to just become more present to each moment, to learn to have more love and compassion for ourselves from within rather than looking outward. Grace is to know that whatever we are experiencing we have a choice as to how we respond to it. However, if we judge or criticize ourselves we unconsciously abandon ourselves only to project it on the outside when someone does the same thing to us. Everything that is happening today is designed to bring you closer to your greatness. It is time to remember that you are the Blessing. And, if you don’t go within you go without!

As the poet, Mark Nepo writes, “in seeking what is essential we become essential.”