by Marcy Heller
“Whatever Arises, Love That Everything Is Here to Help You.” – Matt Kahn

Dearest Courageous Spiritual Warriors,

News Flash: Right here, right now, you are experiencing history in the making and making history all at the same time.

We were brought here to Earth school to evolve and experience the highest spiritual journey possible. Just to make it really interesting – we were given little or no instructions!  At least if you went to purchase an Ikea table it would come with instructions! (Though you might not be able to read the language or fine print.)  Nevertheless, there is some template to follow.  Here on Earth school in the ‘Now Age’, we are living on a moment-to-moment basis!  Were are the Captain of our ship and must stay glued to the helm. In these new uncharted waters, staying mindful and constantly aware that we may have to keep course correcting. It is not going to be perfect and just like a conscious musician we must keep fine tuning our musical instruments as we go.

In his new book, ‘The Universe Always has a Plan’, Matt Kahn wrote, “You’ve reached a turning point in your reality. A moment in time when the things that used to hold your interest fail to provide the comfort they once did. You may not know where things are headed, but you can clearly sense a withering away of how things used to be. It’s a time of transformation, where the dissolving of relationships or roles makes room for new experiences to be birthed. It is much like a spiritual form of empty nest syndrome, a time of big change and loss.”

All of us are being cracked open as we are facing and going through the biggest reckoning of our planet and ourselves. Moreover, we are all changing not because it is giving us what we want, but because the ultimate thrill ride for any human being is to experience in their consciousness the highest level in a body of maturity. That’s what Joseph Campbell referred to when he coined the phrase, “Following your Bliss!” Just like the sculpture of David we are chipping away and digging down deep so we can finally discover the Blissitude that has been there all along!  When we let go and continue to step into the unknown and become the one who changes and not hold our breath waiting for others to make a shift we are transform our loving selves. When we are willing to work on ourselves by not micro-managing, bullying or judging, and just following those gluten free break crumbs as we become more of the holy vessel that we truly are. The mind isn’t a big fan of ‘Be here Now!” Congratulations, regardless of what are minds are telling us we are embracing, standing tall in our hearts and showing up to do the work!

I loved what Gary Zukav wrote on his blog this past week, “At the same time, the coronavirus shows me what fear in my consciousness – anger, jealousy, resentment, feelings of superiority and entitlement, feelings of inferiority and need to please, and every obsession, compulsion and addiction – has created in me: distance from others, incapacitation, and indifference. I see fear in my consciousness contributing to the massive global experience that comes to us as the coronavirus. I also see love in my consciousness – gratitude, appreciation, caring, patience, awe of the Universe – contributing to a new human species of unimaginable constructive potential. We contribute to it each time we choose love instead of fear. Creating authentic power requires distinguishing love from fear in yourself and choosing love no matter what is happening inside you or what is happening outside. Our evolution now requires us to create authentic power. The virus is teaching us how to do that. The reality of the virus is often lost in the fear of it. The reality of the virus is that no one is immune to it. The mortality rate of the virus is much lower than small pox, yet is is a deadly threat. That reality demands that we bring our fears into our awareness so that we can choose responsibly between our fears on the one hand and love on the other. This is important because not only your health depends upon your choices, but also the health of other. To echo Lakota wisdom, the health of one if the health of all, and the illness of one is the ill of all.”

The coronavirus is nothing like we have ever experienced in our world. Even in our collected wisdom it doesn’t exempt us from maturity in dealing with this epidemic. Our wisdom just supports us as we are collectively being thrown up and down, and back and forth as if we were on a roller coaster. As we continue to find our balance back to zero point!

The ‘Now Age’ is bringing out the best and (for some) the worst for us to participate in a new and different human evolution that creates consciously from our hearts with love instead of through our minds unconsciously in fear.

I continue to be astounded and humbled from all the Grace, Love and Support that I am fortunate to witness. For myself, it is proving over and over that our hearts are infinite and bottomless. Whatever we were before, we are more of it now.

And thank you again and again to all the friends, authors, guides, masters and teachers that I have been fortunate enough to learn and grow from so I may share their knowledge and wisdom from the Most High!