There are times when I seem to be lost and in despair feeling the universe has been cruel to me, abandoning and forsaking me, not giving me what I want. However, one thing I AM certain of is that there is a Divine intelligence operating at full force behind the scenes, a thread of life that integrates and brings everything full circle! Nothing seems to be at Random!

By following the bread crumbs and surrendering to what is, I am always in awe how these forces of incredible energy that may be invisible to the eye, continue to astonish and impress me. It is so much more than anything that my senses could touch much less understand. Even though it may be shrouded in mystery to my intellect it nevertheless is always felt in my heart. It is life itself unfolding perfectly. All we have to do is to surrender and know again and again to trust. Life wants more for us than we could ever dreamed up for ourselves. Lao Tse called this power “the Tao,” or “the Great Way. The Tao calls you to trust comings and goings. Each occurs in its own right time and leads to the next step in the cycle. Life does not go in circles. It is constantly cycling upward. Let cycles play themselves out and they will reveal their true purpose to you.

An ancient Chinese blessing wishes us, “May you live during interesting times.” That wish, for good or ill, has come true for us.” As spiritual beings our attitudes, thoughts and emotions make or break our life.

So I wasn’t surprised last Friday when that little voice spoke up to remind me that I must write Monday’s Museletter, when voila! all of a sudden Alan Cohen was on the air promoting his new book, ‘The Tao Made Easy.’ So it is with deep love and gratitude for the work of Mr. Cohen that I dedicate this Museletter. I am truly grateful for once again being reminded what we have come here to do to fulfill our soul’s plan while we walk each other home.

Mr. Cohen keeps reminding us, “Don’t be put off by adversity. You are on the road your soul came to travel. Yet for all the kind intention this wish bestows, it is slightly flawed. It assumes that you must either get lucky or do something to get the Force to be with you. But the Force is already with you. It breathes, speaks, and acts in you, offers you guidance and grace at every turn, and expresses as you. Because you are a creation of the Force. I have made countless efforts to harness the universe to work on my behalf. None of those attempts got me anywhere until I realized that life was already doing everything it could to further my good. You don’t have to tell the Force how to help you. You just have to let it find you and work for you and through you. A more accurate benediction would be, May you be with the Force! If there is one thing in the world that we can depend on, it is change. Lao Tse calls us to not resist change, but to let it empower us. The more you fight change, the more it overwhelms you. The more you flow with it, the more it strengthens you. The river of life takes many twists and turns. The sage does not attempt to paddle back upstream, but delights in the mystery of where the new twists and turns lead.”

Yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda advised, “What comes of itself, let it come. What goes of itself, let it go.” Yet many of us still try to control what is uncontrollable.

There are so many pearls in this beautiful book; however, the underlying message is Spirituality is simple. All we have to do is follow this advice. Do what livens you. Maximize what makes you feel good, and don’t do what deadens you. Minimize what doesn’t make you feel good anymore. Ask your heart what you resisting, because usually what we are resisting is where we are holding onto fear. Once we peel that resistance away we are then left with only Love that we are. Fear is always the anticipation of pain!

Even though everything seems to be changing and the energy around us has amplified, expanded and accelerated as never before keep following those things that maximizes your life force and minimize those things that take away from your joy!

As Jenny Schiltz wrote in her blog, “It can appear that things are getting darker and darker. They are not. They ARE getting louder and louder. They need to in order for them to be so obvious they can no longer be ignored. Belief systems not in alignment must collapse in order for us to discover our own magnificence and power.”

A Course in Miracles tells us, “That by teaching what we wish to learn, we learn it.” So thanks to all of you who share and support this work. So each week I have the privilege of not only doing what I love, but also remembering who I AM. From my heart, I am so grateful and honor each and everyone of you for receiving the wisdom within you. The Universe loves you and so do I! Have a gorgeous week!