by Marcy Heller

Here we go again at another new threshold. It’s that time of year when the Libra Equinox arrives bringing a change of season. And, a change in us! As within, so without. What makes this equinox different from all others is that as never before we are so different. We have done the work and have come so very far. We can finally confess and feel comfortable in declaring we are the Light-workers!

Remembering now Who You Are is setting the stage higher and higher. When we stop choosing that old reality which at times feels like a bad dream and we become more and more conscious in each moment, our lives become much more mystical, magical and majestic. In each moment we have a wonderful opportunity to create something new. This is how we make room for the unknown. Now a new possibility that we haven’t thought of can manifest in our reality. This is how we move from living in the Newtonian world of the predictable and the known to the quantum world of the unpredictable or the unknown.

From the most High we have now been given permission to sing out loud (without feeling judged, shamed or criticized), that I AM that I AM. We can be anything! This is something we hadn’t known up until now and this understanding changes everything!

In every moment we make a choice on what we want to create. As I am feeling the earth rattling under my feet and feeling these intense sensations vibrating through me I also have this trust thing going on knowing that whatever happens, even what feels like a setback, it can also be the greatest teaching to propel me forward.

The common theme once again is that the astrology is demanding us to go back and deal with ourselves. It is essential that you do the work. Moreover, it is also unavoidable. It is going to happen with or without our consent so we may as well surrender and create our experiences with as much grace and ease. We collectively are metamorphosing into the monarch butterflies. There is nothing outside yourself that is going to heal you.

Individual evolution is simply evolving ourselves by self-selecting what we chose to focus on to move to the next level in our own evolutionary process. By experiencing and expressing who we declare ourselves to be, all those lives we touch end up experiencing their own highest ability as well. It’s time to stop the civil war within ourselves and the planet. And we are the ones who can do it!

As Lorna Bevan astrologer extraordinaire writes, “Stay in neutrality and instead of using spiritual understanding as an avoidance strategy, use it as a safety net, allowing yourself to experience your natural ups and downs without all the accompanying story and drama. Become less hypnotized by your highs and less frightened by your lows. You can feel your humanity, your frailty and yet feel whole ,even through upsets and disruption to agreements, contracts and negotiations when full payment – both financial and karmic – comes due. Many old scores will be settled/re-balanced in the coming months. What is really going on here is a deep inward preparation that is running in an entirely different direction from the usual expression. We are seeking to become worthy to be vessels for future worlds now coming to birth. And this is a desire, a vision, a vigil which we keep and hold faithfully.”

We are descending deep down into our darkness to find our light and befriend it as never before. What’s more is the light is becoming so brilliant that there is no place to hide. It has illuminated our shadows for once and for all to heal them for ourselves and the planet at large. We are being immersed in a dimension that is transcendental and is transcending ordinary consciousness into extraordinary experiences. Everything now is being created from a new perception. And the new orange is black is that it is okay to just be yourself and to know wherever you are is perfect for you!

The influx of Light that we are experiencing is moving us to a new Humanity. We are all going through a quantum leap up the Spiral of Evolution that is benefiting every man, woman and child evolving on this precious planet. In order for this facet of the Divine to manifest it is essential we must dig deep to do our work!

The world as we know it is having a spiritual reawakening. There is a cosmic call to move into a new state of being and bring more joy, love and light into the world. What’s more is that when we are on this accelerated course there is no time or space for staying small. It just doesn’t serve us to stay small any longer.

It is that time go further. To dig down and deep. Become spiritually naked and from this place of love, beauty and balance take your Light and illuminate it far and wide with the world. Your heart will expand and open wider than ever before, your divine destiny will be revealed and your soul will simply soar. Being immersed in a dimension that is transcendental is transcending ordinary consciousness into extraordinary. This will benefit every man, woman and child evolving on this precious planet.

When we move into the experience of being an exemplar, to be one of those who express Divinity at the highest levels, we position ourselves as those beings who can truly change the world. The world is so much brighter, so much better, because you are in it. If only you knew all the gifts that you bring to others you would never feel sad again, but only rejoice in how wonderful the universe has made you.

Today, take the Leap and turn the power inward to Loving the life you live. Do it! If you are seeking Miracles, you are in the right place! Fall in Love with your Life and with yourself. You are the One you have been waiting for. We are born into this universe as Light and then life happens. Transcending this illusion is the work. The more you focus on truly loving yourself the more you are open to creating big Miracles. Especially since Love makes the world go round. Today with all these incredible energetic influences on your side find a thousand ways to make it a great day creating something wonderful!

You are living in a dream of your own creation. Let it be the dream of a lifetime, for that is exactly what it is. Everything great has been achieved because someone stepped out of their comfort zone and with extreme care created something different. They found their genius and shared their heART in an exceptionally particular, intelligent and creative way. Every day, we can participate in making the dream of creation manifest. We dream together, creating the world anew in each moment. As you transform your personal dream, you participate in choosing a new vision for the world. As you wake up, you can help others wake up. I send you all the Blessings that Heaven can share. Have a gorgeous week. And know I love you madly…Until next time.