Ortiz and Puckett’s choice of a number adding up to seven did not surprise Marcy Heller, a Palm Beach County resident, numerologist and tarot card reader.

“The number seven is the number of perfection,” Heller said. “Numbers are a part of nature, and they follow certain patterns.”

Heller said each number has a certain aura and energy. She also was not surprised to learn Twins first baseman Joe Mauer, a three-time American League batting champion, wears No. 7. Mauer’s high school number, 16, already was being worn by Doug Mientkiewicz when Mauer first reached the majors in 2004.

The one and the six, Heller noted, add up to seven.

The No. 7, Heller said, signifies a scholar and thinker, someone who is scientific, philosophical, a perfectionist, introspective, pensive, spiritual and intuitive.

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