by Marcy Heller

The incredible beauty and truth of this awesome journey of discovery and transcendence that we are now mysteriously finding ourselves in is beyond language. It is beyond imagination. The key words for this new world are Expansion and Transformation – Becoming All that you can BE at this time and expanding your service to the Divine according to your Soul Blueprint. For today, can you begin to go behind your mind, behind your eyes and begin seeing everything; every situation, every person every thought that you are aware of as giving you an opportunity to express and open your heart to more love? You don’t need to know more theories, now is the time you just have to feel more of your own truth.

Begin by being the reflection of what you would like to receive. If you want love, give love. If you want truth, be as honest as possible. The same with respect, etc. Remember the universe is a mirror and whatever we are vibrating and sending out, the universe will return. The greatest gifts you give out into the world is the currency of your highest loving energy. When you begin to use your currency of love, get ready for your world to begin raining more magic! As you stay aligned with that magical vibration, let people meet you there! Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Once you can do that, everything shifts through such a higher perspective. Start to imagine everything in your world is here to benefit your evolution. The Celestial World above is having a Grand Celebration of Higher Frequency and Love for the New Earth that is dawning and they are here to assist us as we rise. All we have to do is to keep asking our Higher Selves to reveal what we need to know at every opportunity!  According to the teacher, Abigail Stellar Shekinah, “You have the choice now to experience the love you seek. Love is who you are within and it is also all around you. You can feel love within the heart beat of Mother Earth, as an energy coming from the Universe, from people both strangers and loved ones, from nature, flowers, animals, from everything. Open yourself to this love and feel it within your being. Love never runs out. Love is infinite.”

In this vast playground of opportunities, we are being given the teachings from the most high. What’s more, because our attitude makes all the difference, we are creating all of our magic by focusing on Love and Light – which is the most profound experience of all human realities. And once we find that sacred space of Divine Love, it begins to speak to us through every circumstance, deepening and expanding not only into our own hearts, but draws us to continually seek it in others. All this and much more is here to help us keep resurrecting ourselves to benefit our evolution!

To paraphrase the brilliant author and teacher, Michael Meade, ‘Since we are on a great threshold that requires change on personal, collective and global levels, now more than ever we can infuse these current times with more love. Perhaps we can all use that power of love to open a new doorway for hope and renewal. Yes, this seems to be the new reality. It is not simply that we are changing the world, but that the world is changing, and we must change with it from our own transformation. Especially since we are paving the the Way as pioneers, way-showers, healers, star-seeds and much, much more. We can and we are doing it and providing those missing pieces by working on our selves! It is truly an inside game!”

Clinical studies continue to provide empirical evidence that inner practices not only positively shift the practitioner’s vibrational frequencies, but the whole electro-magnetic field from wherever they stand. When we allow our selves to go within, we end up broadcasting the larger portion of who we truly are, our own authentic, magnetic and magical selves. We eclipse the limited version of who we had previously shown up as in our everyday life, and by consequently following this path, the benefits that we get to discover are our true destiny. We are following our North star’s path to fulfillment, and eventually to enlightenment.

More than ever, each of us are experiencing a higher way to realize ourselves so that we can go beyond what has been known to us and reach a new level of capacity to hold the potential that we now have within us.  We are turning the page in a book that has not yet been written. We are the healers, teachers, way-showers, and Forerunners who are at the precipice of this great transfiguration to awaken as never before.

And therein is hidden the mystery of love’s great power. We know how powerful love is – and we fear this awesome force as much as we need it in our lives to thrive, to humanize us, to feel alive. Chaos always generates madness and fear and everywhere we go there is no shortage of that in our society. We are witnessing what happens when people fear the loss of their power, whether it’s social power, or political power. However, we are also witnessing the emergence of the power of love influencing a gradual transformation in our world. And though we are living in the chaotic stage of this transformation, love – the force of life, more than ever is deeply present.

It has been a long, long journey for me to realize that self-love is the state of total non-resistance to the self.  Total unconditional love and compassion. And so in order to begin loving ourself, we must look at all the ways we are blocking that love by resisting who and what we truly are. In order to create a more loving, compassionate world, we must become the change-agents ourselves!

In 2020, we were sent to our rooms to open our hearts and to learn to love who and what we are in spite of all our insecurities, fears and self-doubt. We learned that there is no power outside of ourselves and it all comes from within! Now that chapter is ending and a new one has begun, one where we can love ourselves even more, and at last tap into the infinite possibilities that we may not even have been aware of.

The full moon in Leo last Thursday, provided a wonderful opportunity to align with the power of love, keep opening your heart to yourself as well and our precious broken universe. “It’s a time of your life when something new, something eccentric needs to break through into your own conscious awareness and begin the momentum into getting unstuck. And focus on what you’re finding, not on what you’re losing.” According to astrologer, Lorna Bevan.

Keep remembering, You are the Light. Brave souls, keep shining brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light. Know you are counted among the constellations. You are, just by blinking, by breathing, the proof that true love exists. Your joy, your misery, your love, your agony, your bliss, lie in your hands. There is a way out. And the way out is in. Do not despair, it is only by turning inward that we can truly create a world of love, light, and laughter. This is the doorway to that universe. Together we are making it happen.

We are the miracles and blessings that Love created us from. A new humanity awaits us all – we were born for this time!  Choose your most beautiful, blissful, loving and most passionate reality possible. We are the dreamers, way-showers, star seeds and rebels!  Let your imagination soar!

Ready or not, we are all being forced to dive deeper into our own unique adventure down the rabbit hole. Even though you may be feeling lost, confused, angry and or depressed in all the intense energies, know this is just a transition as we break away from what was, to hold space and welcome what will be!  To dig down and deep and continue to go further and further. To have bravado and cultivate our courage as never before. To become spiritually naked and from this place of love, beauty and balance share our Light and illuminate it far and wide into the world.