Dear Courageous Spiritual Warriors,

We are certainly living in a very different world now than we did just a few short months ago. 2020 is the turning point – we’re at the center of a huge cornerstone in creating a group consciousness. We are in what was called in WWI  ‘no man’s land’, a crossroads between the way it was and the way things are going to be, personally, professionally and universally. All of this is creating more fear that is being permeated everywhere.

Personally and collectively, we are birthing a new experience, a new expression of who we truly are while creating new ways that involve a complete changeover of systems. This is our opportunity as the starseeds and lightworkers to thrive, not just survive. We are here to be the greatest value and support for the planet now. The wonderful teacher and author Gary Zukav wrote, “Our species is expanding in its perception beyond the five senses. Getting the job done, finishing first, having it all – now lead nowhere. These goals are parts of the pursuit of external power.  External power is the ability to manipulate and control. Pursuing external power now creates only violence and destruction. Our evolution now requires us to create another kind of power – authentic power.  Authentic power is the alignment of your personality with your soul. It is the ability to distinguish in yourself the difference between love and fear and choose love no matter what is happening inside you (such as anger, jealousy, etc.) or what is happening outside you when your painful emotions seem to be caused by something outside of you, you are in an illusion. For example, your child falls from a tree, and you feel fear, anxiety, and panic. The fall seems to have caused these emotions, but if you look inside yourself, you will see that they are not new. You have experienced these emotions before, even before you had a child! The fall activated dynamics inside you and they cause the painful emotions that you experience. Other events will continue to activate them until you become familiar with these internal dynamics and move beyond their control. As you create authentic power, you begin to recognize the difference between the illusion in which painful emotional reactions occur and are blamed upon the external world and the reality of the dynamics inside you that create loving experiences and cultivate them.”

The key to all of this is to continue to stay in the luminosity of your heart. What’s more, to know and trust ‘this too shall pass’. We are about to move out of the known and start a new life, in a new home in a new world. We are the revolutionaries who, with our new voices, are the voices of change and of love herself.  This journey is helping us move into more alignment with who we truly are at the very core of ourselves.  We are moving into more alignment with our Soul.

Everything is off the table. No longer is it about navigating our lives with our minds. The new order that is being born has nothing to do with our analytical minds, but everything to do with going deep into our intuitive hearts. As the best selling author of the ‘Unthered Soul’, Michael Singer wrote, “ We learned that the pure mind is a field of energy that creates thoughts that you, the consciousness, are aware of.  The mind also receives and renders the world that comes in through the senses. It allows you to experience the outside world and to learn and grow from that experience. The problem is that the mind creates an alternate reality out of thoughts. It is built of the impressions you stored from past experiences you either liked and tried to keep, or could not handle and pushed away. Caught in this fabricated world of thoughts, you are no longer able to see the truth of life because your past personal experiences are prejudicing your mind. Your past likes and dislikes are distorting your perception of the present moment unfolding before you. This further contributes to the building of the personal mind.The whole of spiritual growth is getting comfortable with all moments—the good and the bad. When you are able to do this, you will begin to become free.”

To become free it is essential to know what motivates us and then align with whatever we value most. Our core values – this is what really counts now more than ever. It is vital for us to begin doing what we love and what we want. This is the time to abstain from what no longer serves us. To refrain from doing what we don’t want, need or like! This is the time to make a commitment to ourselve to not go through a day where there is no meaning in our life. We are at the precipice where doing what fills us with so much happiness and joy is the best thing ever!  Moreover, to know and believe in our heart of hearts that even if we don’t reach that end goal, we are doing it anyway because it is the most important thing. We are making our lives the main thing. It’s not about survival anymore, it’s about quality!  As we are all being asked to revise our lives to make them more meaningful!

None of this is temporary. There’s no going back. This renaissance we are now experiencing is the breaking up of everything that we held dear (and not so dear), so we can create a new and totally different way of living. Like our ancenstors before us, we are the sacred warriors who now are going forward to create the new normal. The caveat being we must do this with our eyes wide open, awake and conscious enough to make choices aligned with our own personal integrity, not to conform to what we don’t want in order to play it safe. That’s not an option any more in this new paradigm! There can be no more compromises. Once you are cheese you can’t go back to just being milk!  It’s time for all of us to re-define ourselves.

There is so much beauty in what is happening, if you can’t see it you’re not paying close enough attention. We are being given the chance to re-set ourselves. To redefine ourselves. To re-discover ourselves. To re-treat ourselves. To experience a deep rest and surrender to what is. To get excited about creating a new kingdom of being.  For the first time in our history as a culture many of us our taking off our masks and living more authentically! Isn’t it so interesting that society, our governments, the powers that be are forcing us to put our masks back on and live their version of what a safe society would look and live like!  It may be right for them, but not true for us! As Elridge Clever sang out loud, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!”

My wish for you is that you become eternally intimate with this other side of yourself. Use this time to create a personal relationship with yourself. We are going through this change-over that many of us have been waiting for and even though it is causing some temporary pain and discomfort it will be worth it if we can emerge as free and sovereign beings in more harmony with ourselves, nature and one another.

May we all choose to be the lighthouses and beacons of radiance, harmony and serenity we designed ourselves to be as we enter in this new Golden Age of Aquarius! I want to give thanks to all the friends, teachers, mentors, masters, and all the other Divine Beings, especially Chrisof Melchidek and Teal Swan who have inspired me to take this leap of faith, go outside the box and discover what I have known all along. Are you ready to play a larger game?  It is our time to take a seat at the table. You’re needed by all that is!  Reality is choosing you. We matter…