This is it. There won’t be a better month of the year to support us on our journey towards giving and receiving more love, and NOW is a good time to begin.

Without a doubt many of you know that You are in the midst of becoming an evolutionary New Human. After all the work you have done on yourself and the planet you have raised the bar/frequency and have given birth to a New You!

Up until now many have worn masks covering up their nature not allowing themselves to be the authentic/vulnerable beings because of all the shame, guilt and unworthiness they have felt within. As we emerge and are being called to action it is time to discover the new reality which is to use everything we have learned up until now and trust that everything is moving us towards our higher expression. The unknown is allowing us to expand into something so magical and wonderful. All we have to do is get out of our own way. When we can come from more integrity and clarity we polish the mirror for all of us. Know your light is spreading.

Hallelujah! We have broken through and moved from the previous limitations to becoming the Powerful Divine Humans we truly are. This transformation inspired a monumental shift in all of us. Once you entered this portal this new found wisdom gifted you with the ability to enter the law of creation. Once entered, know what you want to create, and then take action toward it. You are the master of your experiences. Conscious creation is your destiny.

No longer can we hide behind those masks shrouded in fear and stories we have told ourselves to keep the illusion of feeling safe. Now as we raise our vibration/consciousness to a new level a major part is to allow those feelings to go.

Simultaneously, the more we open our hearts to ourselves and the world the more we are able to allow our bodies to heal naturally as we now don’t feel the need to keep ourselves limited by the stories we have told ourselves.

It really is time to focus and dedicate our attention on loving and putting ourselves first and to above all remind ourselves constantly that we are unique, miraculous, magical creatures that have been born to this Earth for a divine purpose. We owe it to ourselves to uncover the jewels hidden within so that they can shine brilliantly from the inside out.

Numerically speaking, today’s energy is magical. It is a MASTER NUMBER day where one can achieve great things if they apply its energies correctly. Master number 22 is such an important number if used correctly and positively.

Since love and magic are in the air -we are going to be electrically and magnetically charged and people will feel drawn toward us to share in the pure, unconditional, highly energized love that is beaming out from our hearts. The reason we are going to love so effortlessly is because we are embodying compassion: for ourselves, all others and Mother Earth.

We are fully realizing that not all is perfect in this world, beginning with self-inquiry this awareness is prompting us to discard judgment and instead offer a tender acceptance that allows divine union to occur. Our connection to the divine is now opening all the doors to this infinite universe and to one another. What Spirit is sharing in its effort for all of us to experience heaven on earth through all these new concepts and ideas is its gift to us.

I have come to learn that by changing my internal circumstances using the tools I have learned to incorporate in my practice I can change my attitude towards many external circumstances. Through my intention and how I think and feel determines my state of being. Especially because we can make thought more real than anything else. By not judging, criticizing or abandoning myself while welcoming whatever is coming up, I can stay more present in my own heart, living and breathing knowing there are infinite possibilities that can evolve from that expansiveness rather then letting my ego, emotions or fear dictate my thoughts and change outcomes dramatically. I thus design a new landscape for myself which gives me a new thought which creates a new compass to navigate my way home to feel better and more balanced. As I reconstruct my mind it allows me to stay present with myself at a higher frequency and then connect with a higher source of guidance.

So just maybe with this new Divine download I realized that we might be creating all of this on the outside to just become more present to each moment, to learn to have more love and compassion for ourselves from within rather than looking outward. That is what we call Grace. To know that whatever we are experiencing we have a choice as to how we respond to it. However, if we judge or criticize ourselves we unconsciously abandon ourselves (instead of realizing whatever is coming up is only the next layer of our evolution that is requiring us to love ourselves more, not less), only to project it on the outside when someone does the same thing to us. Everything that is happening today is designed to bring you closer to your greatness. It is time to remember that you are the Blessing. And, if you don’t go within you go without!

Beyond words I thank you all for showing up and being the bravest and most courageous Souls that you are. For everyone who has embraced this acceleration process and has spiraled onto a new level thank you again and again for choosing the Light. In a world where fear dominates our consciousness it takes enormous awareness to keep getting better instead of becoming bitter. From the pain we gain. You are the chosen Ones. Everything is energy. When we are operating at a higher frequency of love we become a magnet for more love. Our awareness expands and we are aware that we are aligned with Source. When we recognize our Divine essence miracles unfold right in front of us. As never before you are the Light. Shine brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light.

From the words of Marianne Williamson, “The darkness has no power before the light within your heart. Having suffered, you will have a taste for sweetness and a talent for happiness and an appetite for peace. You will be a bearer of sweetness and a bearer of happiness and a bearer of peace-for your sake, for God’s sake and for the sake of all the world.”