by Marcy Heller

The Red Book is a wonderful unorthodox approach to igniting your Divine Spark and was written back in 2006 by Sera Beak. It is an invitation to find our true self and to start sharing that Divine Spark that is within each one of us.

This legacy is now calling for all of us to dig deeper for our own truth. Now over thirteen years later, collective consciousness is crying for all of us to reclaim the lost parts of our Soul. Even though our Soul is the most authentic part of who we are, it is not uncommon to lose it, according to Beak. Sometimes even parts of it are lost to us. In fact, Soul loss is an epidemic on this planet, afflicting every one and every thing! I’m not here to convince or convert anyone; however, from my experience once you start living from your Soul, which is the Divine Love that dwells within you, everything is amplified, accelerated and up-leveled to a higher elevation. Basically, everything begins to flow from the original Source which is Divine Love. Once you develop that intimate relationship and get close and personal with your own Soul’s destiny, everything you do becomes Divine. Moreover, by embodying our Soul and becoming fully authentic we not only heal ourselves, we heal our universe as well. It’s the most sacred and important work we can do while living on Planet Earth.

As we wrote in the book, ‘The Spiritual Archaeologist’, “As we change our layers of pain for layers of love, we no longer react out of fear or anger, but rather we react from what exists; love. We will eventually be able to meet a stranger and notice our reaction toward them is compassion and unconditional love. We are remembering who we truly are, the state of love from the moment we were created.”

The patriarchal mother and fathers who built the paradigm to be happy in order to feel love and success were values that were placed upon us and seemed real but in time has proved not necessarily true. They were based on false perceptions that we were told to find happiness. From my experience, nowhere was it mentioned for us to go within and to search our own Souls for the love and happiness we had longed for others to give us.

Soul work doesn’t seem to be highly recognized nor appreciated in our culture. It means letting go of what I thought I was to become and re-discovering who I truly am beneath all those layers of false perceptions and pain. I had to dig deep to find that inner foundation to support myself. I had to create a new infrastructure. Having found this container I was able to create the space to give birth to a newer Me! It’s been quite intense, scary, raw and utterly freeing all at the same time. Walking through the corridors of death and rebirth is not a walk in the park. Nonetheless, I am doing it with no written script or map and with little direction other than what the energy of all this is telling me. Moreover, with no guarantees, approval or confirmation I have to give myself my own permission to journey here. Thus, the quote, ‘All who wander are not lost!’

How many of you are ready to change this endless cycle of living almost the same day over and over again?  Moment by moment, breath by breath you long to move beyond the stories and expectations; to change the script, discard the old lack and limitations.

It’s time to dig deeper and discover from your own inner source, the wonderful and powerful you. Moreover, you don’t have to stop doing anything you’re already doing. You already have and are everything. You already are a magnificent spiritual being whole and complete simply because you are Spirit. I believe more than ever that within us there’s a fire, urging us to move beyond the external definitions and limitations of who and what we thought and to take that leap forward as the Master Creator, Director and Producer of our life.

I am learning that life doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as we make it. For some it is just changing their beliefs, for others it is changing how they think or feel. Making a shift in our perception to align ourselves with the Divine truly can bring heaven down to earth.  By aligning your personal will with your Divine Will you can move mountains. We are here to develop Faith. Faith in the unknown – that our intellect cannot prove. To know We are Divine Beings temporarily living in human bodies.

In their extraordinary book, ‘Womb Awakening’, Azra Bertrand and Seren Bertrand-Soul enchanters, declare that the, “New earth has been within us all along, waiting to birth. First and foremost we are on a healing journey to reclaim our souls. To develop an intimate relationship with it and discover in our everyday life. We are not the agents of magic we are the magic. We are not only the vessel of god we are part of god. we are a beautiful living cell in the great cosmic body. We were not created as slaves. we are created to love and be loved, to thrive, to create, to enjoy, to inspire and be inspired, and to revel in creations.”

Each of us can only truly know what waits for us since everyone’s journey is unique and different. Moreover, we can only grow as fast as we can and open up to receive what we are asking for. The key is for all of us to start asking that Divine Love in all of us for whatever it can reveal to us so we can wake up to our own inner knowing.

For me, being able to reunite with my Soul has been one of the greatest revelations in my life. Our Soul has the power to birth and to rebirth ourselves time after time. It is the sacred energy of Divine Love within each of us. We are birthing a new earth into being one Soul at a time. Together we can heal the inner and outer and return to love. We are creating a new way home. Whether we are conscious of it or not, beyond our bodies we are our Soul.

We’ve all felt this potential for a thriving life, being in dynamic relationships that keep us moving and not stuck in the old patterns that aren’t necessarily good but are just familiar. What’s more, even though at times it is a stretch to be on this journey, when we can align with something greater than just ourselves it gives great meaning to our existing experience.

In order to allow anything new to manifest we first must let go of the old relic/pattern/habit we are holding onto. In the book of Truth, a channeled text, the Guides write, “The Moment you decide that something can change, you have shifted the frequency of the thing. The moment that thing is shifted, it can be lifted in higher resonance to be manifested as changed.” Once you decide to move beyond the known, to something new, change is possible. The potent nature of such ongoing transformation makes you stronger, brighter and more resilient, which in turns acts to illuminate the world”.

This is such a sacred time on our planet Earth. And to all of you courageous, brave, powerful independent spiritual gladiators, wanderers, and way showers I believe that we have walked this path together and now only to return and ascend to a higher vibration. The more we can face these uncertain times and sometimes scary events with mercy, grace, forgiveness, compassion and kindness for ourselves and for others, the closer we get to changing our world and the easier it will be to walk each other home knowing We are all One! When I look around and see the depth of spirit uplifting humanity and sharing their brilliant light with the planet, I feel so privileged to be part of this evolution.

Whatever needs to be released will happen organically – no striving or struggling to trying to control either events or people.