When we are so sick and tired and had enough of being sick and tired only then are we ready to let go of holding on to what we think we want and open up our Soul to let ‘The Divine’ in. As the teacher, Lisa Transcendence Brown wrote, “From the depth of your entire BEing… you are magnificent, magical and amazing. You have gifts you can’t even dream of and physical realities waiting for you…full of abundance, full of beauty, full of all that you desire. However, we may not know this until after we bang our heads against a brick wall, suffer, struggle and resist everything we feel is uncomfortable. Then instead of fighting from our ego we actually allow our souls to become first. We start to realize that our suffering is actually here to serve us to awaken that Higher Self and become the Master BEings that Brown described above. Once we find ourselves in that vortex of not being able to figure anything out anymore with our mind/ego we can then open up to the new ‘humanity’ to embody all of ourselves more fully and move beyond the limited imprints of our mind and ego. What’s more, we then transcend into that part of us that wants to actually be happy, joyful and content. By putting our soul first instead of trying to eclipse and suffocate it with our ego we begin to evolve. We become more heart-centered, loving and compassionate.

Moreover, as we become more aware nothing is as it was before. Words like incredible, awesome, and bizzare become the new jargon. If we don’t push ourselves, the universe is going to push us in any way it can to get our attention. Once we are forced, either by our own will or the universe’s, new ideas are created to show us a more expanded version and a bigger picture of who we are. And once these new concepts are integrated our life takes on a whole new meaning.

In 1961 the great American musical ‘West Side Story’ opened on Broadway. Set up in the 1950’s, the musical depicts the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage gangs of different ethnic backgrounds. For me, this story is a great metaphor for bringing to light the parts of us who are fighting within ourselves. Showing up in our own mind/world so we can evolve beyond the unconscious parts of ourselves and know that the fear, fright and limited perceptions of ourselves don’t belong to us. They are parts of the old paradigms and imprints that we took on eons of years ago. We can then ask the question “AM I Being a Jet or a Shark with myself? How can I give whatever demon or thought a better experience of me.” Only then with the right questions can we begin to awaken to the next step in remembering and awakening to who we truly are. Learning through the pain how to have more compassion and certainly more love for ourselves and others. By becoming more aware and conscious of our soul’s purpose we learn that we can live the most magical and abundant physical reality here. Eventually “you get it”…. You were fighting yourself all along… you created your own suffering, because you weren’t ready to open up.

Once we go within the gift of knowing and becoming who we are is priceless. Our power to create, to shine, to excel through our own power is being in a state so freeing, When we accept our power it not only glows it grows!

Know we are the change makers, visionaries, sages, artists, healers, mystics and clergy of times past. This is the time we incarnated for. We chose to be here at this time. And, once we commit to our practice of staying in our hearts, being present and choosing Light (Jets) over our shadows (Sharks), we start to live as a mystic experiencing magic and synchronicity as never before. Even though these times can be daunting they can be magical as well. Remembering we are the Gods of our Universe. We are the creators of our reality.

Know you are not alone. Keep remembering to open your heart despite whatever is happening outside of yourself don’t be dismayed. Your intention and persistence will pay off. With our thoughts we make our world! And may all the seeds you continue to plant emerge in the most loving, brilliant and awesome ways throughout each day expanding and amplifying your world as never before.

“Beyond all time and space…you are.
Beyond all imagination…you are.
Beyond this perception of evolution…you are.”

May you be blessed every single moment of every single day. I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved! Thank you for stepping up and letting your suffering go while opening your hearts and becoming the Ascended Masters who are creating a new reality for the All of US.

I love you, and thank you for loving me and all of this…