by Marcy Heller


Dear Courageous Spiritual Champions,

In Martha Beck’s book, ‘Steering by Starlight’, she wrote, “Once a caterpillar has totally dissolved into a glop of random-seeming cells, the DNA in those cells tells them how to rearrange themselves into a totally different animal. It’s as though you built a life-size version of the Taj Mahal out of Legos, then took them all apart and rearranged precisely the same number of Legos into a life-size replica of the Lincoln Memorial. Miraculous! This is what happens to our lives when we fully dissolve our mind-structures. We begin to see flashes of our own North Stars and realize that whatever we thought should happen to us, whatever we wished would happen, isn’t half so wonderful as what’s meant to happen. As your “dissolving” stage ends and the “dreaming” begins, you’ll start to see a map of your destiny forming where you thought everything was chaos. Circumstances beyond your control will begin aligning as if to facilitate your actions.”

Fast forward. What exactly is the Cliff Note version to begin the manifestation of your dreams? I have no explanation for the magical things I’ve seen happening as I continue to let go and invite the universe to surprise me; however, even though I don’t know what works, I know what doesn’t!

It all began last year when we were sent to our rooms to quiet our minds and start the journey inward learning how to love ourselves more. News flash, the journey we are on is simple; however, it isn’t easy! What’s more, once you start believing that you are a Miracle Manifestor, miracle upon miracles begin and wonders never cease! Especially all the synchronicities. Just as Martha wrote, “The same force that assembles the butterfly from caterpillar soup seems to build each person’s best destiny out of the shambles of our preconceptions.”

With this being said it brings up the question, why don’t we all begin stepping into our Miracle Manifestor archetype? So it begins with the minding the mind!

When asked the question, “Why does the mind return, time and time again, to negative experiences and continues to block or sabotage us from our dreams? According to the the teacher,  Adayshanti, “The ego-mind is magnetically drawn to negativity because that is what sustains its point of view. Negativity by its very nature is magnetic; it pulls everything in toward itself much like physical mass creates gravity. Second, negativity is looking for resolution and release. Sometimes the ways suffering seeks release only create more sorrow, as when one succumbs to blame, shame, victim-hood, control, guilt, etc. But when suffering seeks its release through compassion, love, and wisdom, the doors to resolution and freedom begin to open.”

Here is where the rubber meets the road. It is essential to be aware of our thoughts. What are we focusing on? The first and most important step is to remain fully conscious and present to what we are thinking.  Then, we have to begin to have compassion for ourselves. To love ourselves through any experience and continue course-correcting to bring us back to the intimacy of our heart. To keep awakening to where we are feeling the darkness/shadow so we can infuse it with our Light! We are breaking open everything now to fully step into our power and to open up to new and unexpected perspectives!  When we can have compassion and hold love in our hearts instead of listening to the self-sabotaging narrative of our mind, that is the key that will open to that magical door where not only freedom reigns but where that wonderful world of magic and syncroncities begin!

Another take away is that, no matter what is happening around us, we continue to have a choice to ground our Being by creating a partnership with our higher self. As we keep course-correcting, finding our North Star keep it simple by dissolving any and all thoughts and feelings that make you miserable. You don’t have to learn your destiny—you already know it; you just have to unlearn the thoughts that blind you to what you know.

Learning to live in this new paradigm can be a wild ride. So please govern yourself  accordingly. If you don’t want to have any strange and possibly mystical experiences, turn back now.  There aren’t any guarantees that mystical, magical things will start happening to you if you do all the exercises necessary to become the Stargazer, but there is a great chance that the likelihood is around 90% percent. You’ll have intuitive insights, unaccountable knowledge, experiences that go so far beyond the likelihood to call them coincidences!  Our culture doesn’t always support our mystical and magical souls, something else is always forcing us back to the rational shape of what you’re “supposed” to be or have.  Therefore as you become unrecognizable to your family or tribe, you will become the person your higher self calls you to be!

Keep grounding yourself in self-mastery rather than living from your old scattered self, manipulated by your minds that are still hard-wired to run on flight or fight and imprinted with our own ancestral fears.

So as we begin this new day and new week, get ready for a reset to undo, unhook, untie and unravel yourself from whatever belongs to the old. Keep allowing and inviting your higher self to intercede, open up and allow the floodgates to open, releasing the fear, the stress, the physical knots created by the energy from what has been a truly brutal year and a half.  Drop it all and embrace yourself as you are remembering what what Michael Williams wrote, that says it all! “ STAY WOKE you are worthy. STAY WOKE you are ready. STAY WOKE you can do this. STAY WOKE you are not alone. STAY WOKE you are not broken. STAY WOKE you have the power within you. STAY WOKE don’t give up.”