Ending this month of December, as well as the ending of a 9-year cycle, is calling us to not only learn the mastery of ourselves but to be in acceptance of what is present in our lives right now. Continuing to come home to ourselves (loving ourselves), and aligning ourselves with whatever is happening in our outer lives regardless of what the that external world is showing us allows us to be present and stay in the now.

It is calling for us to learn Mastery. Allowing what we need to be what we want is a Master Level choice, quotes the psychic, Andrew Martin. He goes on to say, ”It’s not necessarily easy, but acceptance is the only way to stay aligned with the flow. 2017 energies are coming in and are challenging us to redefine our stories and beliefs until we are crystal clear on what it is that we are plugged into.”

The astrology charts are mirroring it all. As Lorna Bevan quotes, “Open yourself up to this great pulse of interconnection.” By doing so it will shed some light and bring clarity on what’s present as we close the final chapter of 2016!!

Einstein himself said that, “Brilliant new discoveries go hand-in-hand with fun and that great minds ignored rule books, valued creativity and were not bound by structure.”

Today, I invite all of you to get on-board that no matter what is happening in your life, whatever seems hopeless and no matter how much you doubt yourself or others, don’t give up the ship!

We have been in a void for so long and now we are being presented with the promise of being able to manifest our dreams. It is time to sing out loud…There is an enormous amount of light entering the earth plane and is coming to and through us to support and assist us in every way. Moreover, for many of us, our deeper destinies and soul-paths are being paved out of our intentions and the enormous faith we have cultivated. As the philosopher and teacher Maureen Moss declared, “We are the “bringers of a new dawn” as well as the ones that will animate it, though first we must integrate, assimilate and adapt to the components of the dawn itself. And then…. Behold the new dawn as it is brought to Life through each of us.”

That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and now we are realizing just how we can use our experiences as springboards to go from adversity into strength. In the book, ‘The Undefeated Mind’, Alex Lickerman wrote, “To build strength out of adversity, we need a catalyst.” According to Lickerman, that catalyst is wisdom. “Inner strength doesn’t come from the experience of adversity itself but from the wisdom that the experience of adversity has the potential to impart.”

I now appreciate what the Bhagavad Gita says that one should raise the self with the Self, not trample down the self. Up until now I could not have known or appreciated what I now know to feel true for myself. Every moment I can raise myself up to the stars. I AM not alone. I have learned to love myself and receive myself with so much more compassion. Even the actor Will Smith is getting on board with his quote that, “Anything that doesn’t lead to a higher, more intimate relationship with yourself and others needs to be off your schedule.”

Our paths are being illuminated even more now since we are coming to understand that the energy imprints and story lines held in our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and physical bodies have created our realities up until now. In each moment we have a choice to be free, stay present or remain hostage to our thoughts. The old story lines of abandonment, anger, unworthiness, pain, betrayal and poverty consciousness do not have to eclipse our power to manifest. In victim-hood, we held the idea that life happens to us. This warped view of reality has kept us stuck in 3rd dimensional reality. Now we know we are not helpless victims. What we now know is our consciousness can and does create our world!

“We can no longer consider ourselves merely onlookers who have no effect on the world that we’re observing…The very act of observation is an act of creation.” wrote the physicist John Wheeler.

You don’t need to “believe” in anything but yourself. What we are being offered if we’re brave enough to open to receive is this extraordinary possibility of living with The Divine infused in one’s whole being inflamed with the embodiment of Love.

Once you wake up to your own authentic, creative power and align yourself with the unspeakable Source of The Divine you open to the mystery at the heart of everything – the reality that you are your own universal “Beloved”. Once you gradually begin to notice The Divine living in you, breathing in you, and doing its work in this world through you – it is Love at the highest and deepest level. It is a fuel that is simply intoxicating making available a whole new level of love, acceptance and gratitude. It is a Presence you cannot language, you just know it, feel it and trust it that you are the Light!

You are infused with Blissitude, one of the most profound feelings you will ever experience. To be absorbed in its total unconditional unyielding love. What’s more, you know that you are never alone; that no matter how lonely you may have felt, you will know that never, ever will you have to feel alone again. Once you align your whole being with The Divine you are inflamed with a Love that you have longed for all the days of your life. You begin to open your self and your heart into that all-pervading Presence of God consciousness. You are free…

The universe loves you. The universe needs you. The universe desires you. Awaken today and give the unique gifts that no one else can give but you. Know that no one else can write that poem, paint that picture or sing that love song that only you can do to perfection. Confess your greatness. Come alive and be the best you. A new humanity awaits us all. This new Reality knows your name. Reality needs your service and today may you receive the Blessing of who you truly are. Know your love is just a miracle!

I want to wish you the best holiday season ever. May you continue to keep raising your energies up and away so you can be blessed every single moment of every single day. I send you abundant blessings and unconditional love and support as you travel this incredible journey of your soul knowing the best is yet to come…

Happy Holidays