Simply stated one of our greatest jobs is becoming the witness of our own minds, to observe what ever is coming up in our thoughts and emotions much like clouds passing through the sky and not becoming attached to them.  Not so easy when we feel like everything is going to hell in a hand basket and we are holding on to dear life as all of our infrastructures are being reassembled. Yes, in each moment we have the capability of bringing in more peace, love and awareness; however, the $64,000 question is how can we mindfully transform the pain as we are letting go and transcending all the old tapes of fear, anxiety and overwhelm?

He his newest blog, Andrew Martin said it best, “Time is flying as we are moving fast to cross the finish line.  We are at the end of one cycle with one foot in the past and one foot in the future thus creating a container for what’s about to be born into our new world. This year has exhausted us in ways that we needed to be exhausted! Exhausting your fear resources. Exhausting your reserve of excuses. Exhausting your patience with lies. Exhausting your well of old stories and methods. We were emptied out and now we begin to consciously fill ourselves. We were shattered and now we begin to mindfully put ourselves back together. How do I keep one eye on myself and another on the world? How do I tend to my own needs while showing up for others?”

Many of us do not realize that whatever you have thought and made yourself in the past, is what you are now experiencing.  And for those who are creating a new story we realize they we have suffered enough.  So now is the time to parole yourself from that prison of the past. How do I put my new found truth into action? How do I take steps that align with what I know about myself now?  No longer does it serve us to continue to JUDGE and play small in the game of Life.  Yes, we have exhausted ourselves by our own deception and lies that we have imprinted and believed for eons of time.  We have been scattered and broken much like Humpty Dumpty so we can, in a much more loving, conscious and aware way, grow ourselves back together again and become the greatest versions of ourselves, so we can know ourselves.

Ask yourself “what is the truth of who I AM now” and continue to hold that truth in all of your relationships. The old self is going and the gluten free breadcrumbs are being laid for us to walk and create the new yellow brick road and create a much  more empowering, abundant and happy story.  So it begs the question, are you ready, truly ready, to become more authentic by honoring what you feel and who you are? To honor your body, your SOUL, your heart, and most importantly to honor what you came here to BE and DO with everything in you?

It’s time to reset. It’s time to make different choices. It’s time for a new story.  It’s time for a New You!

This is how we’re changing the paradigm. First, by observing what it is we wish to change.  Remember  ‘We are the Champions!’ We are now coming out of our closed chamber of lack and limitation to claim our Divine Birthright. As we create a more refined story we tell ourselves that we can create whatever we choose. It’s just the work we have come here to do. Yogananda loved to say: “The time for knowing G-d has come!” With our new heart-centered consciousness we have become unstoppable, unsinkable and unpredictable! We are removing all those layers that have kept us from being our own unique and awesome Ourselves!

My wish is for you to discover that in the deepest part of you resides the most infinite, glorious and unlimited being. You are Divine Love itself! In your secret heart of hearts you are endless, infinite, more loving and more brilliant then you could ever imagine. You have been dreamed into this world to shine your Light brightly. Know at this auspicious time that everything is possible. You are your own magic wand.

May all that you are and all that you do ripple out into the world and cause great happiness, joy, love and peace in all who you touch. I bow to all of you and THANK YOU for being here. We are all connected to the miraculous and this is our time in history to finally get who you really are and what we are capable of. For nothing is more precious nor more profoundly powerful then for us to transform, transcend and become the evolution of Divine Love itself. Even though your journey may be silent, invisible and indescribable, just know at the end of the day the world is different just because of you being here now.  Know your Light shines so brilliantly simply because of the Miracle of You.  As Ramana Maharshi wrote, “Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”