Living Wholeheartedy:  Light up your path of Passion and Purpose with Numerology and Creativity.

A Juicy-Fun collaborative workshop with acclaimed numerologist Marcy Heller and Creativity Coach Elise Crohn

At Juicy Creatives Studio in Lake Worth, FL

Connect and create with others on the spiritual path.  Learn to calculate your own numerology and receive a numerology reading from Marcy.   Then, with Elise’s guided imagery and  support and an abundance of mixed media supplies translate your life-path and personal year numbers into a powerful  collaged Altar Box to inspire your  Passion and Purpose.   Your altar box can be a sacred space where you go to connect with the Divine, remember your sacred purpose and recommit to following  the “Blissipline” of staying true to yourself.

Feb. 16th 10-5pm $77 all supplies included.

No previous art experience is expected or required! 

For more information call Elise at 904-377-3500 or look us up online: