When an interest in being in your own authentic Truth exceeds any interest in blame, expectation, or any form of comparison, it is an sign from the universe that life has successfully prepared you for your soul’s true journey-you are ready to live your deeper destiny.

We cannot shift anything without changing the internal vibrational source from within. When you realize this, and start to make time to love yourself more than anything that comes up in your life, that is all you will need for true liberation to occur.  When we are enveloped by our own love and loving ourselves becomes a priority we will not have to create all the distractions that keep us from the vibration of Love. Life will keep giving you the same experiences until we change.  As long as we keep focusing on anything outside of love i.e. worry, fear, doubt, regret, etc. the universe is giving us everything that matches at those vibrations.

When you are focusing on love you are transmuting all lower energies and the magic begins. You no longer have to create those other beliefs, distractions & blaming of others. At that point the things you attract will be more loving and harmonious because you are changing your perception. You are saying to the world, “I don’t have anything else but Love.”  The world will mirror back to us just that…just try it! Discover what would happen when you just want to be Love.

Up until now we didn’t have enough Love for ourselves. We continue to be disappointed in others. When we stop waiting for others to love us and start our own love revolution by becoming familiar with loving ourselves we are rewriting the program by loving ourselves relentlessly. Never stop. When you love yourself you are loving everyone simultaneously.  Being in a state of Love is an endless celebration of effortless joy, freedom and ecstasy.  It’s all an energy game and it’s about creating a new pattern that begins with your sincere willingness to completely let go and surrender to Love.

Remember the most challenging part is breaking the habit of being our old selves! Loving You and sending “I Love you’s” to everyone else in the universe will mirror back all of this in no time  You are embracing the power of your own divine authority-which is Love! By transforming reality from the inside out by Loving yourself you will bring to an end what you no longer desire and begin to create what you do; more Love.

We can experience heaven on earth. However, we have to be the change agents. We are all now building that new world, knowing that we cannot find happiness, liberation, joy and satisfaction in our personal lives nor can we experience that feeling at its highest evolution until we start loving ourselves more and start to experience that love within ourselves. When we create new patterns in our subconscious mind and become the most safe person to be around we will never feel unsafe with someone else. Because you will always be there with you.  Once you realize that nothing else matters and until we surrender to Love and trusting that one-pointed star, according to Matt Kahn you are transformed into the Grace of Love.

Today, give your power to Love and honor the kingdom of your own heart by becoming the most loving and safest person to be around. I love you and thank you for loving me.

As we continue to wear brave on our sleeves in these times of great transition we are all being called collectively to release what no longer feels good. We are being given the keys to be empowered to become invincible and live in greater bliss, health and ecstasy.

Through the intention of releasing we create the space for something new and wonderful to emerge and then along with our community of like-minded hearts and souls embrace heaven on earth. It is our birthright. It is my desire for everyone that you, too, will discover your own tribe/community and with them, the joy of Being We.  After all, there is strength in numbers!