by Marcy Heller


Happy, Healthy New Year Courageous Spiritual Champions,

Legendary Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” We can all agree (or not), that none of us has ever experienced what we have all gone through (and continue to experience), with lock-downs, restrictions, stress, uncertainty, fear, just to name a few.  2020 was all about the severe removal of the old security blankets. Yes, we are all going through tremendous transformation. How do I know this? Because if you’re reading these musings you’re One of US who is creating something wonderful out of the disruption and chaos that the collective consciousness has agreed to hold as its existing truth in this very now moment of reality.  We are all becoming our Superhuman Selves!

“This isn’t all bad news!” Reports expert social change agent, Martha Beck. “Times of intense change are challenging, but they also present unique opportunities for renewal. With a bit of guidance, you can use this situation to gain “superpowers!” It is Grace under fire!”

Another take away is that, no matter what is happening around us, we continue to have a choice to ground our Being by creating a partnership with our higher self.  We can do that in every moment. It is our safety net and our protective fallout shelter!

Since we are all here to learn lessons of love we are going to learn them through health, wealth or relationships. Now we are being given the opportunity, the freedom to align with our Higher Self and course correct toward the life we were born to live by cultivating partnership with our own Higher Self. (And, if you are not sure of what that blueprint is, please schedule a numerology reading with me to find out what your creative genius/blueprint holds) When we have a sense of purpose not only can we heal emotionally but whatever else that is plaguing us can be eclipsed when we are aligned with our own Divinity, being in touch with our wholeness and grounding ourselves in self-mastery rather than living from our scattered selves, manipulated by our own minds that are still hard-wired to run on flight or fight and imprinted with our own ancestral fears.

So as we begin this new day, the brand new year as Lorna Bevan suggests, “Rest for a Reset” to undo, unhook, untie and unravel yourself from whatever belongs to the old……Just allow the floodgates to open, releasing the fear, the stress, the physical knots created by the shredded dreams of what has been a truly brutal year. Listen to the many cries of your body, heart and soul and nourish your own well-being. Where are you still operating from striving and self–control, self-denial, self-punishment and self-criticism? Drop it all and embrace yourself as you are.

January 2021 is going to be a perfect electric storm as the new Aquarian frequency rolls in and not everyone will deal with it with grace, ease, honesty, sanity or stability.  Your impulse to make good things happen as soon as possible is a sacred urgency. It’s no longer inexplicable or extra. It’s required….. ”

In Justin Michael Williams, ‘Stay Woke”, he says it all! “ STAY WOKE you are worthy. STAY WOKE you are ready. STAY WOKE you can do this. STAY WOKE you are not alone. STAY WOKE you are not broken. STAY WOKE you have the power within you. STAY WOKE don’t give up. STAY WOKE it’s okay to cry. STAY WOKE I know the road has been tough. STAY WOKE there are better days ahead. STAY WOKE. STAY WOKE. STAY WOKE.

I invite you to continue aligning with The Divinity that is truly you. What do you want to create? Energy goes where attention flows. Keep asking yourself from the great Mary Oliver, “What do you want to do with your One and Precious Life?”  As you align with your Higher Self, I want to continue to remind you to remember who you really are. To remind you of your magnificence. Your boldness. Your Courage and resilience. Your greatness. There is no one more important in your life than You!

Moreover, ask your guides, “let it be easy, and let it be light!” Miracles and astonishing things are happening all around us – just remember to keep open to receiving them. When we awaken to who we truly are, our experiences give rise to a new level. We are at our best and the universe mirrors that energy completely and helps us to expand the circle to encompass all of the world and beyond.