by Marcy Heller

The teacher and activator, Meg Benedicte wrote, “In the aftermath of the 333 Christed Activations, we will spend most of March integrating the new key codes and heart expansion. During 2019 we can expect increasing waves of solar diamond light flooding the earth plane. I don’t think the intensity will let up. We are being prepared for the powerful ascension astrology coming in 2020-21. Keep that in mind as you pass through multiple solar stargates this year. 2019 is the year to lighten your load, let go of excess and stabilize your biofield for upcoming global changes. We are tapping into the geometric template of Metatron’s Cube to establish balance and harmony in our human energy field.”

Setting the stage as the gates are opening to infinite potential now is the time to step into a higher vibrational experience of love both personally and collectively. The energy of today is about transcending limitations. We are transforming into the new paradigm of crystalline consciousness, being, and light.

Up until now so many of us (myself included) have lived our lives playing it small. Never realizing our full potential. Consequently, we have operated on less than all four burners. Unconsciously, we have created a diminished self of who we thought we had to adhere the limitations that society had made true and that we have collectively consented to be ours. In fact, now that we are waking up and allowing new experiences to come to us, new possibilities are being created by our higher self for all of us to move forward to create a new conscious way of being. We have allowed the collective to imprint all these so-called limitations on ourselves. We have drunk the Kool-Aid and have allowed these set of core values that really wasn’t our truth to eclipse who we truly are. Now we are raising our selves to a higher level where we are stepping into our powerful selves and thus having the capacity to create far greater things all around.

In realizing how I have allowed my ego (small self), to drive the bus I am now in the process of realizing I did the best I could from the place where I was. I was a reactor. In other words I lived my life reacting to what I felt and thought I had to be to play it safe, loved, and secure. In growing up these past years I now see the significance of all the teachings that I have been given not only so I can begin to know who the heck I really am, but to also spread the word.

We are crossing the river of change. We are seeing the world from our new perspective. A new lens where we can create more magic, miracles and wonder! With our intention and putting our attention in creating new possibilities we are removing the veils and experiencing infinite, unlimited possibilities. A brand new world is being presented to us from seeing the world with new eyes. We knew who we were in our limited selves and now as we mid-wife and give birth to our newer selves what glorious fun we can have as we explore the infinite possibilities in a newer world knowing that we were born for these times. In other words, change is going to do us good!

No longer do we have to recoil from fear, based on the reactions of others. Instead we are the way-showers, who are shining brightly to come out of the shadow and shout out “We know who we Are!” We are the champions. We are the spiritual gladiators. We are invincible. Moreover, through this awakening we can overcome our pain and thus quicken our progress towards experiencing greater and greater heights of the presence of Divine Love.

As is written in our book “The Spiritual Archeologist”, “We hold pain in place through a story derived from our limited false perceptions constructed from our reactions to the existing pain of past situations. Our existing pains grow into more fear and anger instead of compassion and love.”

We know who we are when we live consciously. How? Because it just feels good. The greatest thing we can do for ourselves and others is to work on ourselves. We then stop projecting our own pain onto others.

When we live from our higher selves we reach beyond those limitations. Consequently, we live the life of the infinite being that we are, not bound to the false perceptions of a limited reality. We don’t have to keep ourselves in the dark and replay our stories over and over again. We shift deliberately instead of waiting for the brink of destruction.

Within each of us there is a sacred dream calling us to our greatness, compelling us towards something greater. This energy fills our hearts with more passion and intelligence than the greatest thought we have ever processed through our mind. That vital, vigorous voice that is born from that energy is our soul speaking volumes to us. It asks us to become focused, bold and available to embrace the larger than life passionate dream that motivates us to align with what is sacred, infinite and eternal. It is confirmation that we are co-creating with our Divine spirit.

When I was just a little girl I loved the song ‘Que Sera, Sera’, (Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see Que Sera, Sera). Since then many things have changed; including my perception that more than ever the future is up to me! Possibly, that is why I have chosen this path. To know that we have much more say in what we can manifest and experience in this life. We cannot look out to the world to know where things are, we can only look within to find out where we are at personally. Moreover, as Bruce Lipton states, “Our beliefs are stronger than our biology.”

I invite everyone today to become aware that they are the Divine presence of love, personified. With each breath, infuse it with this very presence of love, beauty, joy and gratitude. In each moment, hold a deep appreciation for all you are and all you have. Forgive yourself as well. As you expand that awareness, know that it is everywhere – fully present, never absent. As it grows in consciousness and compassion know that it will amplify and embellish the world with wholeness, health and love for the highest and best within us all. Thank YOU for taking the steps to open completely to the brilliance and magnificence of who you truly are. It is an honor to walk this path and do this work side by side with you. It is my soul mission to share these revolutionary truths with you. The possibilities are infinite! These sacred gifts from the Universe are priceless! We are unlocking the gates to transcend, transform and create a new and brighter future of higher consciousness so we can manifest so much more love, miracles and magic! How does it get any better than that? Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.