Mystic and spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn, writes, “Everyone deserves to be loved, adored, and cherished – especially during a time like this.”

Everywhere I go, everything that is coming up is letting me know it time to wake up now and not keep succumbing to being lost in this dream. We have all heard and sang the song, “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream” – reminding us that this so called reality is just a dream. Supposedly, we all know this at the deepest part of our being that in actuality, we are Angels who have come here to expand, grow and become initiated while learning that we deserve more love, light and beauty here on Earth. The great news is now it’s time for that journey to end and a new one to begin.

We no longer have to go through life as a prisoner of the past.  Relax your body. Breathe deeply. Keep your eyes open. Feel the Grace and Radiance in your BIG heart…Let the feelings and sensations come through, not through a cracked window caked with the past but with a brand new and sparkly spiritual sight.  How wonderful the present can be, when we are present with it. As long as you are searching, only looking for a future moment that will be better than this, the universe will keep us in limbo while we are in the space of something better (there is no foundation-no wonder we feel lost!) However,  it is this moment that holds the key. As the lifelong battle within yourself dissolves, you may begin to see how each moment has been perfectly designed to ensure your highest growth and expansion. No matter how confusing, hurtful, or frustrating it may seemed to be or has been, know that whatever is coming to and through you is perfect just the way it is. By surrendering in that moment we create the space for something more wonderful to enter.

Just feel the Grace and Radiance in your heart and know you are creating that which you are focusing on! Go within to your place of happiness, joy and excitement and see what appears. The universe lines up everything in that vibration – all you have to do is just move out of your own way to let the magic begin!

And so I offer the deepest bow to Matt Kahn, Genpo Roshi and to all teachers everywhere as well as all sentient beings who, because of their practice, we are now at this pivotal point in our evolution that is truly extraordinary.

With infinite blessings for every one of you, may You continue to be Blessed in every moment of every day…and may you love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more!