by Marcy Heller

OMG, what a week this has been for many of us who are experiencing and integrating the energies of the much anticipated Kali Super Moon Eclipse. More than ever it is essential to have more self-care for ourselves.

This eclipse according to Lorna Bevan is in a nutshell, “A pre-figuring of the collective collapse gathering momentum in 2020 and accelerating during America’s first Pluto Return since the founding fathers, but already obviously in play now.  Look around you -the structures, bureaucracies, hierarchies and rules you’ve come to rely on are collapsing. The fabric of life, the authoritarian top down status quo which you have been so used to for so long, is suddenly imploding, shattering, falling apart or being disrupted in such a way that it can never be the same again, as reality check after reality check removes your support structures or turns them into unrecognizable and unstable forms. It will build and build or rather, deconstruct and deconstruct, on through 2019 to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 – when the Tower is struck by lightning – and beyond into 2023 when Pluto enters Aquarius and the karmic spasms of America’s first Pluto Return since the American Revolution change the levers of power. Pluto works the underlying law of Evolution both collectively and individually so we are revisiting the time of the patriarchal takeover in order to metamorphose, eliminate and dissolve the artificial structures, dynamics, beliefs, memories, conditioning of the past. Collectives of any sort- families, companies, tribes, political parties, cliques- are being shaped by deep, far-reaching processes of irreversible change.  With Kali /Pluto emerging from the underworld to grab you by the ankle, there’s no more time for tweaking, adjusting or avoiding – this is Truth Time with a capital T : What is chronic, repetitive or inflamed in your inner and outer life?  What expired karmic contracts need cutting off at the knees?

What do you need to just stop doing? Enlightened quitting can save your life. All is in place. Nothing is left to chance. The very best of this influence is that spirit can come through here, truth can be upheld, balance can be sensed in its eternal and timeless resonance. There is simply no other side to this degree. It is purely a vessel for the intentions and the impulses of the worlds of spirit. And when we are surrendered into this, it feels not only appropriate and rightful, but perfect. We remember who we are and why we are here.”

No longer do any of us want to give away our power by caring what fellow judgmental humans are thinking. It’s all about how we are going to continue to support and embrace our love for ourselves. Are you ready at last to truly honor what you feel? It’s all about how to love yourself more and not allowing FEAR to rule your choices any longer. The 5th Dimension is the beginning for all of the mystical magic and syncronicities that are available. Yet, the key is to sit on the fence with one foot in the past but to move both feet forward and step through the unknown into the realm of infinite possibility.

Now is the time for us to know that this is our true birth date. In the palms of your hands you possess the authority for a whole new re-ordering of your life as you know it. We are being born in each and every new moment and as we give birth to our newer, higher selves it is essential to nurture our bodies since they are still trying to catch up with our already evolved and conscious souls. This intense energy is bringing all of our hidden shadows to the surface for them to come and to be released. We are liberating ourselves from the past.

Moreover, as the new most powerful, conscious beings on this planet, I hereby give you permission to do the everything differently. To do it your way! Make conscious choices to be happier, to become more peaceful and to stay as grounded as possible. In other words be authentic, the best gift you can give yourself and everyone around you! Disease is not being in ease with who you are. It is when we are resisting and not being in ease with how life is currently unfolding for you right here, right now.  Remember, when you do the work, everyone around you is up-lifted. Your energy is your calling card.

Let’s all together create a global pandemic of Peace and Love. Let’s do it now for ourselves, our family, our entire lineage and all humanity. Let’s all forgive ourselves, forgive each other, love ourselves, love each other now and forever more!  For now I am happy to say that our Love and Spirit are here to stay! With that we can overcome everything. Each and every One of Us represents the change that will help our planet thrive into this new future where we can manifest a new, sustainable, peace-filled and loving universe. You are infinite potential. We have not come here to learn. We have come here to remember who we Truly are. Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.