by Marcy Heller

At this very auspicious time in history its a great opportunity for celebration as we are the largest group awakening in every new moment. And if you believe your thoughts have something to do with your destiny I invite you to read on.

I have come to realize that the more we are at the vibration of peace and joy the more we are aligned with the same vibration of what we would like to create. It isn’t difficult and is quite doable; however, there is one caveat. In case you already haven’t noticed, you have a roommate living inside your head that never stops talking.  It’s like the Ever Ready battery. Going and going. No wonder we can’t meditate, sleep or feel at peace. It’s as if you can’t be alone by yourself without adult supervision!  At times you may even like what its saying, at other times you just wish it would shut up!  The major download here is it isn’t you! And the news flash is that roommate isn’t your best friend.

Nothing is more important to your soul’s growth than the realization that you are not the voice of your mind-you are the observer-the one who hears it.  We can spend our lives trying to figure it out which of these voices are our own personality. The answer is none of them.  Most everything our roommate tells us is just a waste of time and energy.  Being objective allows you to watch your thoughts all day and discover the vast majority of them really have no relevance on anything or anybody, except you.  Then you might ask why does it even exist? According to Michael Singer in the book, ‘The Unterthered Soul’, “You re-create the world within your mind because you can control your mind whereas you can’t control the world.  If you can’t get the world the way you like it, you internally verbalize it, judge it, complain about it, and then decide what to do about it.  All of this helps us to create a semblance of control.” It makes us feel powerful!

Beginning with self-inquiry this awareness is prompting us to discard any critiquing of ourselves and instead offer an acceptance that allows divine union/manifestation to occur. Our connection to the divine is now opening all the doors to this infinite universe and to one another.  However, we have to stay in that higher vibration so we do not sabotage or block what we are desiring. If we don’t, we just keep repeating and experiencing groundhog day over and over again.  Moreover, do not believe the lies that you are being told.  Most of us realize that it is very challenging to deal with a situation if we are anxious, scared or upset.  This is a journey beyond yourself.  It’s about discovering who you are not, so you can truly be all that you are!  What Spirit is sharing in its effort for all of us to experience heaven on earth through all these new concepts and ideas is its gift to us. So to attain true inner freedom, you must be able to watch your thoughts instead of allowing the energy of any situation to eclipse who you truly are.  This is what I know true – You are a vibrational being.  You are cosmic energy vibrating in a certain pattern that makes up what you consider to be ‘you’.

In order to transform yourself or your life, you must transform yourself at the vibrational level.  Even Nikola Tesla declared “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” And in order to accomplish that we have to go to the root of who we are.  It’s about discovering who you are not so you can truly be all that you are! You are not your thoughts you are the consciousness that is observing your thoughts that flow through you.  Even though this may sound radical I have learned when freeing ourselves of our limited thinking we have to go beyond that edge of feeling comfortable. We must go beyond whatever it takes to get out of the habit of being our old selves and take responsibility to keep re-birthing ourselves over and over again.

I thank you all for showing up and being the bravest and most courageous Souls ever! For everyone who has embraced this acceleration process and has spiraled onto a new level thank you again and again for choosing the Light.  In a world where fear dominates our consciousness it takes enormous awareness to keep getting better instead of becoming bitter.
From the pain we gain. You are the chosen Ones. Everything is energy.

When we are operating at a higher frequency of love we become a magnet for more love. Our awareness expands and we are aware that we are aligned with Source. When we recognize our Divine essence miracles unfold right in front of us.  Shine brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light. With our magic and the limitless possibilities at our fingertips make a difference. It’s holy work. To all of you with visions to create global peace and happiness, thank you. Imagine the positive impact you are having spreading this message. And last but not least, thank you for this immense privilege of sharing my heart with you week after week through these musings. What an honor it is for me to share the Light. Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.