Congratulations! The time has come to Celebrate-We are doing it! We are the Ones we have been waiting for. More than ever you have the opportunity to learn about frequency, and how you are vibrating in your energetic field. That is what changes your reality. If you want to change your reality, you have to change your energetic field. It only took 26,000 years to get to play the game of life. They call it the Grand Experiment…

These musings have been inspired by many, especially Tom Kenyon and Gregg Braden who are among many way-showers and pioneers. I want to thank them for their teachings.

As Tom Kenyon spoke about in his book in The Great Human Potential:

“Right now, we are given the opportunity for a new scenario. We are advancing towards a completely different dispensation of consciousness, from the ego-conscience to the eco-conscience. That higher level of consciousness will require the realization that we are not victims but rather willing participants. If we understand that we are the creators of 100% of our reality and accept it, then everything changes. Whomever is reading this know you are in the process of creating new patterns, new neural networks, new habits and releasing the programs that generate limitation. You are creating your new potential. You have to remember that you ARE your Higher Self. It is not something that you have to become or something that you have to reconnect with.”

Something great is happening here for all of us…and it is all good! There is a famous quote, “Descent is not about finding Light but about going into the darkness and befriending it. If we remain there long enough, the light it reveals means everything to us.” The Light now is so illuminating, the veil becoming so elusive that we can now experience these times of great acceleration and expansion, and if we really want to go from one reality to another, from one vibration to the next, we have to get serious about forgetting judgments and false beliefs. Your desire to know is really a deep longing to connect with source energy. That is what you are doing as you go through the ascension process. You often talk about going home. But this time around, it is not about you going home, but bringing home here.

According to Gregg Braden in his book, The Divine Matrix”

“A Dark Night of the Soul is a time in your life when you’ll be drawn into a situation that represents what, for you, are your worst fears,” “A time like this generally comes when you least expect it, and usually without warning. The thing is,” I continued, “you can only be drawn into this dynamic when your mastery of life signals that you’re ready! Then, just when it looks like life is perfect, the balance that you’ve achieved is the signal that you’re ready for change. The lure to create the change will be something that you long for in life, something that you simply can’t resist. The purpose of the Dark Night of the Soul is for us to experience and heal our own great fears. The really interesting thing about the Dark Night is that because everyone’s fears are different, what looks like a frightening experience for one person may be no big deal to someone else. Until we trigger the flow, nothing can happen.”

What’s important here for us to know and accept is that each of us is whole and complete unto ourselves. However, we aren’t born remembering this. Throughout our lives we can become triggered by experiences and emotions that have little to do with what we think they’re all about. Nothing outside of is is separate from us. Nothing happens to us that is not meant for us to grow and evolve from.

We are now learning that we were never victims. That everything from the most severe to the most illuminated ecstasy— and everything in between— was created by us, for us to learn and evolve from and that is what ascension is all about.

In this new paradigm our deepest beliefs become the architecture, foundation and blueprint for everything that we want to experience. From the peace in our world to the healing in our bodies, from all our relationships to the careers we wish to pursue, our conversation with the world is constant and never ending. It is continuous. It doesn’t stop, it’s impossible for us to ever be passive observers on the sidelines of life…anymore!

“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather,” quotes the Buddhist teacher, Pema Chodron.

Find that source, meditate and connect to the stillness inside. I promise you it is a magical, carpet ride where miracles are manifested and dreams are born. Now is that time go further. To dig down and deep. Have bravado. Become Faith in action. Become spiritually naked and from this place of love, beauty and balance take your Light and illuminate it far and wide with the world. Your heart will expand and open wider than ever before, your divine destiny will be revealed and your soul will simply soar.

On this incredible spiritual journey while honoring our potential, and walking fully in our light, we recognize that each one of us has a role to play in mid-wising of our new humanity. And is the beginning of a brand new reality. Have a great journey. Your desire to know is really a deep longing to connect with source energy. That is what you are, in essence, doing as you go through the ascension process. You often talk about going home. But this time around, it is not about you going home, but bringing home to us.

Today, tap into that place where you can experience more joy than you ever thought possible. Take the time and ask yourself what fills your soul with passion and peace. What wisdom is sparkling inside? What is bubbling over to be expressed? What gets your mo-jo working? Ride the excellent energies of today and take that leap off the precipice. With your expression, intention and action it can become a reality to engage in. Your life will awaken with beauty and grace. Each of us is here to be a Divine and deliberate Creator. Know that You were born for greatness!