In each moment we are creating our day, especially since numerically it is a 1 day (2+8=10=1). You are the God of your creation. When you create your day you get excited about your life – you are jazzed all day long. Moreover, with your intention to stay focused you can continue to keep self-correcting, feeling better, more loving, more joyous and more animated.

Research is telling us that the more we get excited about our life we are turning on our DNA becoming more youthful, healthier and happier. The more inspired you become the more you are not living the same ground-hog day over and over. A great way to begin doing this is to create the sensation of love in your body. Build a vibration with this feeling, simply generating the sensation of love throughout the day. Focus on generating the vibration of love that can be drawn upon whenever you need. We are here to be deliberate creators. The creative force will follow any direction we give it; however, it will not intervene unless we allow it in. We came here to create! And if we don’t like what we are creating then it is our responsibility to change that energy.

In his book, The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton writes ,“Your genetic DNA is not who and what you are. What’s more is we can reprogram our DNA with are our thoughts, our perceptions and our belief systems. Einstein said, “You can’t create something new from the same thoughts that created the old.”

So the moral of that story is that it is essential to change our thoughts otherwise we are living the same patterns day after day. When we literally reprogram our brains our cells are happy because they want us to keep creating all new things. One of the best questions you can ask yourself is, “What is the greatest experience my soul can create for me today?” The memories of our cells are holding the memories of forever. So if we want to create a new life as Dr. Joe Dispenza tells us the “biggest habit is breaking the habit of being ourselves!”

In addition, Bruce Lipton says as many others are saying, “One of the biggest things you can do to shift your thoughts and create the best, healthiest, happiest and more peaceful life is to love ourselves.”

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and its right around the corner. Take this opportunity to celebrate what really matters: Divine love. It’s your birthright. It is You and You ARE love. Drop into the core that lives in your heart and feel the love.

You are creating your own laws. We are the law givers of our reality. Quantum physics tells us that the observed changes from the observer. We are creating our own laws to live in. Moreover, when we create the space to give birth to something new we are expanding our consciousness. So begin with letting love take over your life. Be willing and passionate to say Yes to the Yes in you knowing you are your own personal God Source. So let love itself take over your ‘love life’. It’s only waiting to be invited. Welcome to the 5th dimension-We are evolving! Broaden the bandwidth of You with love. When you view life with your open soul loving who you are miracles just seem to drop in-just like that!

When run by fear, our self-worth lives and dies by the outcomes we face or how others view us, when we are rooted in love that energy guides and leads us to the truth beyond the love for truth, it becomes that living grace for the salvation of every heart. As this occurs, the actions of others not only don’t affect us adversely but they can inspire us in much more powerful ways to respond with compassion, blessings and conscious action for the well-being of all of us.

If we only knew how wonderful we are we would know that we all deserve so much more. We are all Divine. When we are open to experiencing the wonder, magic is everywhere. It is what we tell ourselves about ourselves that determine our experiences and what we are allowing ourselves to receive. We hold the key to unlock the prison to which we have confined ourselves and have been trapped in up until now. We have to prove our own courage and go beyond the beyond to know we are so much more than our senses can language to define us. In the midst of all the upheaval and chaos lies the endless stream of infinite love, Divine Wisdom and miraculous healing.

We are the Lightworkers and change agents of the World. We are succeeding in this holy endeavor beyond anything we could have ever imagined simply because we are learning how to love more. Never before did we realize that every day of our life can be different. Each moment is a new beginning to the whole of your life. To know and see that G-d is hidden in everything – from the smallest detail to the most magnificent miracle. In each One of us lies a deep vessel filled with everything and everyone that makes up our life. And the Divine is hidden within every drop of water in our well.

The beautiful teacher, Patricia Cota-Robles writes it better then anyone can say, “On this day…use your Light to bless yourself and all others. I AM my I AM Presence, and my Father-Mother God are able to easily move through me. My eyes become blazing rays of Light through which the Light of God blesses all Life. My hands become mighty conductors of God’s Healing Power. My lips become the instruments through which God’s words are formed and directed into the physical plane of Earth. My feet walk the Path of Light. My Life force now becomes the vehicle through which God enters the world to Love and serve all Life. I now realize and accept my unlimited ability to do whatever I desire in order to establish and expand God’s Perfection in my world and the worlds of all Humanity. Through my thoughts, words, feelings, and actions, I AM a mighty, balancing activity of Light pulsating in, through, and around every electron of Life on Earth. I AM my I AM Presence, and I invoke the I AM Presences of all Humanity. As one voice, one heartbeat, one breath, one energy, and vibration of pure Divine Love.”