by Marcy Heller

Caroline Myss in her new book, “Intimate Conversations With The Divine” wrote, “We are built for belief.  Belief shapes the way we see divine power and our role within it. This is the first time in the history of humanity when the majority of people do not know what they believe in. Do you understand how unprecedented this is? It is a phenomenon that has never existed before, so most of us don’t realize the psychic trauma it puts us through. And what it opens us up to, how vulnerable we have become. Words are vessels, and they can be filled with either light—or its opposite. Both can be equally compelling. When we do not know what we believe in—when we do not feel empowered to have an intimate, personal, conversational relationship with The Creator—we are susceptible to believing the most potent voice in the room. And sometimes that voice comes carrying a darkness unimaginable. You have to sustain a field of grace around you, which comes from being mindful of what you believe in. Mindful and prayerful. Every word we say has the capacity to hurt or heal. To lift someone out of darkness or to plunge them into despair. This is the power of language. Recognizing that we hold this power is what it means to become conscious. For we indeed co-create our reality, right down to the micro level. The tool The Creator gave us for this effort is language. Each word we speak is a brick we lay, building the world we live in. How am I going to speak about this experience? Is it a “crisis” or an “opportunity”? A “blessing” or a “catastrophe”? Words are vessels for light; they are how we exercise our mystical and creative power. They are literally the expression of The Creator pouring through us. The proof that there is a higher Source that hears everything is found in the ability to create and destroy with our words. This is the great gift and also the profound responsibility of being on a spiritual journey today.”

Right now, you are experiencing history in the making and making history all at the same time. We were brought here to Earth school to evolve and experience the highest spiritual journey possible. What story, what words are you using when you speak to yourself? Your true selves incarnation is one of immortality. Moreover, just to make it really interesting, we were given little or no instructions!  Even if you went to purchase a new electrical candle it would come with some type of instructions!  Nevertheless, there is some template to follow. And remembering that this life is a test-it is only a test. If it had been an actual life, you would have been given further instructions!

Here on Earth school in the ‘Now Age’, we are living on a moment-to-moment basis. As I wrote before, we are the Captains of our ship and in these new uncharted waters, staying mindful and constantly aware that we may have to keep course correcting is a given. Even though it is not going to be perfect, just like any musician in any orchestra we must keep fine tuning our instruments to stay in harmony with the rest of our fellow musicians.

We’ve reached a turning point in our reality, a time when the uncertainty of everything eclipses our feelings of security and foundation. Even though you may not know where things are headed, you can clearly sense a withering away of how things used to be. It’s a time of pushing the old out and holding space for the transformation as we make room for new experiences to be birthed. It has been compared to a spiritual form of empty nest syndrome, a time of big change and loss.

And even though we have been tested time and time again, in the last eight months, as we let go of the old paradigms and stepped into the unknown possibilities of infinite potential we became the ones we were waiting for. We are no longer holding our breath waiting for others to make a shift. We are transforming our loving selves.

When we are willing to work on ourselves by not micro-managing, bullying or judging, and just following those gluten free break crumbs, we become more of the holy vessel that we truly are. The mind isn’t a big fan of ‘Be here Now’.  Regardless of what our minds are telling us, as we embrace and stand tall in our hearts we ascend to a new level of Us! We are now showing up to do the work!

Instead of seeing fear in our consciousness which contributes to the massive global experience that comes to us through the corona-virus epidemic, we can replace that fear with love, gratitude, appreciation, caring, patience and awe of the Universe!  We can then contribute to a new human race of unimaginable, infinite potential and possibilities. We contribute to it each time we choose love instead of fear. Each time we believe in ourselves and our own authentic power!

These times have brought so many sudden changes, shocks and challenges as well as so many opportunities for doing things differently. Know that the words and prayers we tell ourselves can be our lifeboats! We were made for this and what we do now and how we respond will determine the outcome from all of this. We are so much more adaptable to change than we ever thought. Know at this auspicious time that there are infinite possibilities. Anything and Everything is possible. Take pause, you are your own magical wand. Expect A Miracle!

Out from all the fear, pain and anguish there is a brand new healing that is coming forth. Collectively we are all trying to reclaim our lost parts and heal ourselves. Therefore, it is our responsibility to stay open and trust the process.

Together we can heal the inner and outer and return to love. We are weaving a new way home.

We have come full circle to know and remember how essential it is to Believe in yourself. You are more powerful than anything outside of yourself. Even though it may not always feel like it at times, know you are having a huge impact on the collective consciousness. Especially now. Even though you may feel alone at times know you are being assisted with all the forces from Spirit championing your success. There is a great saying that goes like this, “Sometimes, I go about pitying myself and all along I am being carried by great winds across the Sky!”

You can choose to be the calm in this storm and be a force for good. That Divine spark in all of us is coming out to cast out our outrageous pain and despair. Feel it, know it, and believe that you are made from Stardust and you are here to share your Love and Light while raising the vibrations of all the hearts and Souls you are Graced to touch. Please remember it is not enough to know that love and forgiveness are possible as Light-workers it is our responsibility to bring them to life.