Today with all these incredible numerical, new moon and other energies on your side you can find a thousand ways to make it a great day creating something wonderful! On behalf of the Universe I congratulate you on traveling this far and feel confident to write ‘that the best is yet to come.”

The old adage that said we should live every day as if it were our last most likely meant that we should not wait until death is imminent to begin living the life we were born to live. Soul lessons are always ongoing. Since we are on an accelerated consciousness shift we are all being asked to come forward to demand and command that we deserve more love, not less!  Everything is energy. Moreover, energy is neither good nor bad. It is how we direct that energy that is crucial.  I AM beginning to believe that  why we are here in the first place. My understanding of what it means to thrive is that the future isn’t something that happens to you but something that we create, The key is two words: intention and attention. And, if you are reading this you are one of us who have come to change the planet by changing the collective-unconsciousness. We are now getting it – we are not victims but victors!

Everything great has been achieved because someone stepped out of their comfort zone and with extreme care created something different. They found their genius and shared their heART in an exceptionally particular, intelligent or creative way.

Everywhere we go there are life-changing truths, techniques, therapies, lessons, energy healings, meditations, missions, programs, exercises, projects and practices for all seekers. Pick one – find a practice or spiritual principle that will assist you to up-level yourself to be all you can be. From my observation the only things that are required are time and discipline. And then just surrendering it to the universe for the highest good of all.  What’s more is that you will feel better than ever as you develop and cultivate a practice creating a new mind set which just about changes your perception of just about everything.

Having a practice is extremely powerful not to mention essential in the climate we are living in. And, that goes beyond the heat of South Florida. When you start to see the changes and experience this new course correction then get ready to Expect a Miracle. Miracles are just shifts in perceptions anyway. Once you change your perception of who you are taking responsibility for your life, You become more resilient and much more powerful. You are now aligning yourself with your true self. Once you touch this joy of pure being, you will never forget it for then you are in the sweet spot of the universe that is why they call it the the present. You become expanded. You begin to transform yourself. You feel connected to something greater.

One of the cornerstones to this new reality is to live fully present in each moment. Neither looking back or forward just being present to Now! We all have the ability right now to do and have more in life than you we ever dreamed. There have never been a time with more opportunities to assist us in achieving what ever we want…The definition for change is getting out of our comfort zone or the act of making or becoming different. Like the caterpillar…just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, he became a butterfly! Today how can you love yourself and others even more? How can you stay present in each moment even more and lastly how can you create the best moment knowing you are creating your reality one thought at a time?

Matt Kahn tells us “by saying, ‘I love you’ one at a time, you are entering the time-line of your soul’s highest reality. As this occurs, you discover your true purpose as a catalyst of transformation and co-creator of conscious evolution. This allows the intensity of density to melt away, as the joy, relief, and excitement of your true eternal nature is revealed. I assure you, there are energy waves of excitement, prosperity, fulfillment, and love that have arrived to carry you into realities beyond your wildest imagination. All that is required is for you to surrender your choices as a conscious act of anchoring high vibrational energy, instead of being hypnotized by the allure of outcome. As your awakening consciousness is celebrated by consistent self-care, expressions of unconditional love, and the mastering of relationships, infinite doors within you begin to open. Through each door, quantum hallways of exploration are revealed to give you back your power and invite you in the direction of your heart’s desire.”

As this occurs, you will see that no matter which direction you choose, every possibility equally exists within the kingdom of Heaven – a Heaven that you only imagined forgetting, but have never actually left. ” How does it get any better than that?

In the name of love I would like to thank everyone for being so vulnerable, courageous and open.  Thanks to all of you everything is coming into place for present and future generations to enjoy and experience everlasting joy, peace and happiness without struggle and pain.  The gates to heaven on Earth are opening up just because of You.  May you continue to be Blessed every moment of the day.

I send you all the Blessings that Heaven can share.