by Marcy Heller

I heard it on good advice that we are not here to save the world. The reason we are here then is to experience and know for the first time ever that we are the world! That you my friends are perfect just the way you are. Flawless and Magnificent! Don’t try to believe. Just start loving yourself more and then even more. Fall in love with yourself in every moment. Now take a blessed breath and breathe that in. You are today on this auspicious first day of the new year – the newborn Light, the Miracle Manifestor that is never even one moment old.

To paraphrase the brilliant author Michael Meade, ‘Since we are on a great threshold that requires change on personal, collective and global levels’, now more than ever we can infuse these current times with more love.  Perhaps we can all use that power of love to open a new doorway for hope and renewal. It seems since so many of us have forgotten and have fallen out of sharing the same collective story; we can now use our imagination and create the same story together by infusing it with more love. Yes, this seems to be the new reality. It is not simply that we are changing the world, but that the world is changing, and we must change with it from our own transformation. Especially since we are paving the Way as pioneers, way-showers, healers, star-seeds and much, much more. We can and we are doing it and providing those missing pieces by working on our selves!”

Now more than ever it is essential to embrace and know that Love truly makes the world go round!  Especially, the love we have and feel for ourselves. This is the time to say ‘Yes’ to the aspects of the power of love that we have denied in our selves. Moreover, as we love and forgive ourselves, we become the teachers and healers that help others to liberate themselves.

As we pass through these new doorways and portals that are being presented for our own healing, we become the pioneers for others so that they too may walk through the gates and begin to align with the Divine within. We are building a new spiritual infrastructure that will keep us safe and protected in this climate of uncertainty.

The inner genius that is within ourselves is our innate connection to the ever-renewing soul. When we begin to integrate we allow all the aspects of ourselves and awaken within to become forces to reckon with! As we transform, other transformations in our world happen! Moreover, instead of trying to save the world or others, our real purpose/work is to awaken and love that genius in US!

As Teal Swan wrote about loving ourselves, “It was a long journey before I came to realize that self-love is the state of total non-resistance to the self. And so in order to begin loving yourself, you may have to first look for the ways that you are resisting yourself and resisting where you are.” When we allow our selves to love ourselves more and go within, we end up broadcasting the larger portion of who we truly are, our own authentic, mystical and magical selves. We eclipse the limited version of who we had previously shown up as in our everyday life, and by consequently following this path, the benefits we get to discover are our true destiny. We are following our North star’s path to fulfillment, and eventually to enlightenment.

At every threshold, wonderful, creative energies await to enter the world through us. Even though many things seems to be falling apart and collapsing on a much deeper level, the energy is moving closer to the surface and becoming known consciously so we can know ourselves better. Whatever is lying unconsciously within is coming to the surface one way or another for us to feel, heal and then share our experience with others! The changes we are experiencing are happening all over in different places at different times. Even though collective and personal crisis may threaten our daily lives and provide severe discomfort, they are opening doors and visions on so many other levels. And, again I am sticking with this story – our Souls don’t care if we are uncomfortable, they are moving us forward. Onward and Upward!

Our Soul’s blueprint will always move us towards healing. Whether that is through relationships, health or wealth, your Spirit will always keep prodding you towards more love, courage and wisdom. You know more than you realize. Your Spirit will guide you back to your heart center even through the darkest night of the soul.

For myself, it is still hard to imagine that it was four years ago that we were sent to our rooms to open our hearts to learn to love who and what we are in spite of all our insecurities, fears and self-doubts. We learned that there is no power outside of ourselves and it all comes from within! Now that this chapter is ending, at the start of a a new year, we can begin to love ourselves even more and at last tap into the infinite possibilities that we may not even have been aware of, so we can focus on our bigger dreams.

Keep remembering, you are the Light. Brave souls, shine brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light as you turn your tears and t(error) into triumph for all of humanity. Know that you are counted among the constellations. You are, just by blinking, by breathing, the proof that true love exists. Your joy, your misery, your love, your agony, your bliss, lie in your hands. There is a way out. And the way out is in. Do not despair, it is only by turning inward that we can truly create a world of love, light, and laughter. Keep celebrating the infinite amount of joy and gratitude that resides at our core that cannot be destroyed even by the worst agony and the most devastating defeat. From joy all beings have come, by joy they all live, and unto joy they all return.

This is the time to reflect on what you want to bring forward and what you need to disconnect from and release on this new day, new year. To align your puffy heart, mind, and soul to keep creating with what serves your highest good. This is a significant moment for setting intentions and creating a solid foundation for the year ahead.

Remember, every moment you are creating your story. As you celebrate your Greatness, open to receive more Love than you ever dreamed possible! To have love you must continue to find where love goes. Falling in love is only one half of what we want. Staying in love is the rest!  In the end, what we are seeking is not the riches of the world, but the richness of our souls; and this can only come from realizing that we are all connected and whole just the way we are. Simply put: We are One!