by Marcy Heller

We are being cracked open in the midst of a conscience revolution and out of necessity many of us are having to shift our perception of everything quite rapidly.  As we undergo this initiation process which can be overwhelming at times, it is also requiring us to let go of the familiar and what was once so comfortable. Through our experiences, challenges and ordeals getting to the root of what we were born to do, what gifts we were meant to bring into the world, empowering ourselves is what is most essential now to thrive in this new climate. Moreover, by aligning with what our heart’s desire really is and envisioning and embodying those emotions and feelings, we can find our entry into the life of our Soul – a life of passion, enchantment, and service is what matters most!

This wisdom only comes from within and the work we do internally. In this ever changing world we must expand our own identity. As Michael Meade wrote, “The crises and tragedies of contemporary life can be seen as a spiritual crisis in which we must find a greater sense of self or become more subject to feelings of anxiety and helplessness.”

We can’t play it small anymore. We have to become our own badasses! If not, we are in peril of becoming part of the chaos.  More than ever we must empower ourselves, to take pause, and to know that we are so much more than what is coming to us and happening all around us.  When we are in despair, we become so frustrated we can slip into a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness that only takes us further down the rabbit hole!  Moreover, for the most part this journey is all about Trust as we must accept we are all living in the presence of uncertainty! Fear and doubt doesn’t vibrate with the frequencies that are required now to rise about the collective narrative that doesn’t support our power, freedom and destinies!

In order to be able to Trust we must go within and live a SOUL-ful life by following our own original blueprint. Moreover, to fully understand what we have come to do. Therefore, making our own choices from the truth of who we are. When we are in alignment with our own Divinity we are able to make conscious decisions that are graced from our authenticity! Living in the ebb and flow of life, we continue to connect with our own core values, eclipsing what society is trying to thrust upon us!  From my own experience, when I am not fully rooted and aligned with my Soul, I will continue not only to stay out of balance, but wherever the wind blows will determine my true North! It is work that I must do to keep searching for the balance between myself and the rest of the world. Basically, I give away my power to whatever outside influences have the loudest voices at any given moment when I am not fully committed to it!  We all need Our own love for our own life, for all living things, and for our community, soak it in and  pour it into the world, like a prayer, through our deepest purpose.

As humans we all need a purpose.  A reason to get out of bed in the morning. Moreover, our evolution demands it of us. Many times we are struggling to find just what we mean by this and so we may keep course correcting until we finally find it! Nothing is more important than for us then to love our own life. The most important thing to emphasize about our Soul purpose is that it is the driving force that pushes us to be fully and authentically ourselves! The gift in us that keeps on giving. The gift we were born to give birth to and share with the world. To quote  Meade again, “The real risk in this world has always been becoming one’s true self a midst all the uncertainties of existence. The “little self” or ego self feels that it can’t handle life’s uncertainties. Yet, the soul or deeper sense of our self is never simply defeated by the confusions of life. The knowing soul within us knows why we came here, and what we are intended to live for. Learning to live the life of the soul aligns us with paths of true meaning. While we are on those paths, we not only can survive the tensions of life, but we find ourselves able to contribute to the healing and renewal of life.”

As Solomon Katz, the author of the book, ‘A state of Being’ writes, “We can see, then, that there is so much at stake within this topic of purpose, within this underworld realm of soul. A human with no purpose at all is a tragedy, a wasted life. A human with only an ego-level, psychologically adolescent purpose might realize some happiness and fulfillment, might in a variety of invaluable ways serve his or her community and the greater web of life, but could also end up being the worst kind of affliction: If he or she operates from a damaged ego and also “rises” to a position of significant economic, political, or military power, there’s no limit to how much havoc s/he can wreak — as we’ve seen throughout history and especially in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. But an initiated person, a true adult, whose ego is in service to soul, not to itself, whose conscious purpose is fully aligned with his or her soul’s purpose, with his or her ecological niche in the web of life, this person possesses the power to enhance life in never-before-seen ways, to cooperate creatively with evolution, to participate — wildly and imaginatively — in the great work of our time.”

The world is made of stories. What story do you want to tell yourself today? It isn’t as much about what happens in the end. It is about the journey. What matters most is how much we can be be present to our own truth in the midst of the dramas, tensions and challenges going on now. Today let your heart sing, find your own Gold and with that what do you want to sing out loud.  Honor your your gift(s) and acknowledge all that you are, all that you continue to be and do. You’re the Gift! Remembering, your own authentic being and yours alone makes the world a much more beautiful place!