When we are truly inspired, something very special touches us and all limitations and barriers simply disappear. It is a feeling that is beyond holy or sacred and beyond language. It is a sensational feeling that humbles you with Amazing Grace while catapulting you into something that is beyond space-time. Through this intimate and sensual experience of Grace you feel so expanded and grateful and a new life from within you is born.

The life events I have experienced lately have humbled me and made it impossible for me to remain unchanged. I have learned some of the most valuable lessons one can hope to receive living on this earth plane. I now have a renewed respect for life; more than I ever could have had before. Just because we don’t see the gifts doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. When you perceive the bigger picture and realize why you are here it all makes sense. Moreover, I know now that we can’t negotiate with this crazy and wonderful thing called Fate. Everything is here to help us grow into our spiritual power and become the best we can be. We do not have to like it or know why anything is the way it is-all we have to do is align ourselves with whatever is happening and love ourselves through it. At the core of everything we are always creating a more wonderful reality while discovering our true and divine life purpose. When we can’t change what is happening in life and surrender to what is, we are more in tune with our deeper destiny. Life has taught me that even when things aren’t going my way, by understanding that whatever is happening is there for my greater good I am in the flow and not resisting the tide. On a much deeper level things start to transform when we work with everything rather than resist it!

Now, I AM allowing life to lead me on its terms. I didn’t realize everything was helping me even though I certainly didn’t enjoy some of the circumstances I had to experience. I learned it is not about getting your way, it is about becoming the way. Things don’t happen to us, they happen through us. My favorite teacher, Matt Kahn, who has inspired these musings as well as continuing to assist me and so many others through these enormous upheavals of change wrote, “We must accept we only have enemies when we don’t see the gifts life is giving us.” He goes on to say, “How difficult, debilitating, fearful, frustrating and overwhelming and daunting it can be while going through it all.”

This path is not for the faint of heart. It is tantamount to when I had to enroll in a summer school program to learn what I was suppose to learn all year round. What I learned was that instead of pushing away the sadness, fear and anxiety thinking that as a culture anytime we have a feeling, thought or awareness that didn’t feel good something was wrong, bad or negative. So when anything less than joy or pleasure comes our way we automatically judge it as oh that’s not good! Everything in this universe is energy. Not good or bad. It just is. Our emotions make it one way or another. Since we are here to learn how to experience, integrate and handle everything we are going to go through the gamut of thoughts, feelings and emotions so that we can integrate it and then transcend it. So when something is trying to get our attention instead of abandoning, pushing away or judging that emotion or feeling we are simply being asked to recognize that another part of ourselves is calling for our love. By welcoming it in (as difficult as that may be at times), we are giving ourselves another opportunity to transform, transcend and transmute it for the highest good of all.

By aligning ourselves with what is, we create a different world. When shift happens from within everything changes on the outside. By making allies with everything, we are saying ‘Yes’ to the universe. By saying ‘Yes’ we are surrendering to what the universe wants. Again we don’t have to be the sufferer even if there is suffering evolved. As everything is an agent of change knowing nothing of greatness is achieved without going past the boundaries of society.

We must all now stand in our own authority and mid-wife what is uniquely individual for each of us. All life benefits when we can love whatever is happening. Especially when it is coming from the core of who we are. Nothing is more important then for this transformation to occur so that we can live our life fully from the place of our own true north. When I opened up to what is and surrendered to my fate everything changed.

When we move beyond our challenges, our limitations, our doubts and our fears and do the things that we really know we should do we create Miracles. Everything that is not in alignment and conflicts with divine love and light patterns are disappearing so we can reflect oneness, perfection and reverence with all of life. Everything mixed with fear, corruption, greed and the inability to honor one another is coming to the surface to be exposed so we can transform it and all divine potential can reign. According to Patricia Robles-Cota, “The portals are being opened now for infinite joy, beauty, peace, art, oneness, vibrant health and the splendor of vibrant transformation and are now flowing through all of our heart flames.” Begin to focus on these new patterns of perfection. And on that note, what is the best thing that can happen for you today?

Teacher and author Lisa Brown, affirms “The amount of love pouring throughout the planet is beyond anything we’ve experienced here before. While collectives SOULS are waking up to exit the programmed matrix and continue to play those realities out, there is an entire NETWORK of NEW Earth Multi-Dimensionals totally holding Higher Consciousness Existence in place, stepping it up and fully embracing the brilliance that these vibrational realities bring forth now! We see sooooo many of you truly embracing and it’s beyond beautiful to experience too. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself credit and know that everything we do as Light BEings matters huge!”

I invite you as we begin this joyous light-filled holiday season for all of you to reclaim and embrace the highest vibration of just how magnificent you are. To feel how brightly you shine. To be the angelic and wonderful beings you know yourselves to be. In doing so I promise you will experience more abundance, health, wealth, joy, connection, inspiration, bliss, passion and fulfillment than ever before. As you keep affirming that you are divine,not only will it give you the courage to follow your own heart, it will illuminate your path and create a trail of beauty for those whose hearts you will touch as well as affecting the well being of all. But living a brave life is not always easy: we are, inevitably, going to stumble and fall. The common thread is to be willing to be comfortable in the discomfort. The channel Sanaya had this to say, “Your love as light effects change and healing at an energetic level that is lasting. As you go about your healing ministry, with or without words—and all of you are healers in this regard, effecting change in every interaction if you so choose—simply focus on the light within and turn it up. Imagine waking up every day feeling loved, loving, and worthy of being loved! Imagine feeling at peace, no matter what the circumstances. Imagine being able to see reality from the higher perspective of Spirit! A magical exploration of higher consciousness, love, and the greater reality.”

May all that is bright and beautiful be yours now and forever more. I wish you the blessings of love and light on your incredible journey breaking away from the old and outworn and soaring high into the new…Happy Holidays from my heart with infinite love and gratitude.