“Take these broken wings and learn to fly” Paul McCartney.

In the field of astrology as well as all the other baselines being used it appears that this particular bend in time in 2016’s fractal energy is a direct real life demonstration that not only is the universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we could ever imagine. The planets as well as our physical bodies, planet Earth and humanity, is being taken beyond the Gatekeeper, into the invisible realm, to experience a re-calibration from Source that keeps all of us in a phase of not only re-calibration but amplifying the theme of resurrection, transcendence and physical alchemy. As humanity is experiencing growth through change, illumination and enlightenment are the key points as collected consciousness is revealing the depth of its shadow as well as the illusion of the absence of light. It appears to be the battle between personality and soul.

According to one of the great astrologers, Lorna Beven, “The volcanoes, earthquakes and the revelations of the corruption of power-rising opposition to US presidential candidates funding from corporations and the death of democracy- are the visible symptoms of inner fissures and fractures. As the Deep Space planets change our frequency through the Outer then the Inner planets; as the three Awakeners Uranus, Eris and Haumea send shock waves of dissonance, the blinkers of denial fall off. The medicine must be swallowed for the alchemy to begin. If you are feeling abandoned, adrift in limbo, remember you are not losing yourself but on the way to knowing yourself more deeply than ever before. It is thanks to the cracks in your reality that you can wipe the dust from your eyes and reassemble yourself.”

For myself, I have been blessed to experience spring time in the country at the foothills of the Catskills at the Ananda Ashram. From my experience the clearer my mind becomes the more available it is to accept what is truth (that which is unchanging.) When the mind is clear and it is not identifying with thoughts it creates the space to allow love to raise from within. From the teachers of today to the giant Masters whose shoulders we are standing on, the common denominator through this uncharted journey and the biggest thing to shift with our thoughts to create a healthier US is loving who you are. As Matt Kahn once spoke about, “We don’t have to like what is happening. We only have to love ourselves through it!”

The mind is very busy it is fluttering so fast just like a fan. Once we can still the mind, then the truth of who we are can find its way into our hearts. When we slow down our mind and get out of the way of ourselves, love rises to the surface and our essence comes through and then we can begin to perceive ourselves as the true self that we are – Pure Consciousness. Pure liquid loving light then can come through. The feeling of love is what we are all seeking. We may think it is something else; however, it always boils down to be able to be free to express an energy called love. I realize it is a lifetime’s work and when we are fully present with ourselves love will naturally come up. Our minds and body and heart go into so many directions and then we spend our lives trying to put ourselves together again. The key is to stay heart-centered. Your Heart is the Light of this world. Do not let your mind hide it!

Once we begin to truly love ourselves then we empower ourselves even more. Remember you are the Gods of your creation! It is up to us to keep creating and directing our energies on what we want. Today make each moment a memory you will never forget. Affirm now that you are the best creator knowing that everything is possible now. The best at knowing that you are creating a healthier and happier body, more joy-filled, more loving, more grateful and on and on. Moreover, keep remembering that is all is taking place now in this moment. Nobody does it better than You! Affirm “all my good comes to me right now.” Get excited. Celebrate you!

According to the new science, your genetic DNA does not define your biology. Our thoughts, perceptions and belief systems affect and reprogram our DNA. We can’t create something new from the same thoughts. If we are getting the same results we better change our thoughts otherwise we live the same patterns we have been living. Through the power of prayer, affirmations and intentions we are literally reprogramming our brain. Moreover, the biggest thing to shift our thoughts and create a different and healthier you is loving who you are.

In closing, I loved this portion of an article from Maureen Moss, she sums it up beautifully when she writes,

“We are at a crucial tipping point in our personal evolution… that is why the heat of the dance is on us. We are literally in the stargate of all potential to physically enter a new reality system. We didn’t incarnate to live 3D lives. We didn’t incarnate to battle dual natures created in great part by a mind that attempts to control our thoughts until it owns them…and then turns them back on us to control our behavior. Once we are no longer at odds or out of step with ourselves or each other, we are then in alignment to activate and solidify the undivided infrastructure of 5th dimensional consciousness within ourselves…and live the life we took on skin and bones to live. Important to note is that the 5th dimension is not a place. It is a frequency created through each one of us through the activities of love, compassion and non-duality of any sort… thoughts, words, self-conversation or emotion… and by establishing Divine right order within. Somewhere in memory, we knew our hearts were always to be the gateway (and transformational portal) through which the Darkness of our many 3rd dimensional lifetimes would pass and be transformed. As a result, our true identity would be revealed by us and through us… in us and as us. We knew…somewhere in memory…we already had it in us.”

You are that which you are seeking, and anything you can do to turn your attention inward will allow you to reveal that to yourself. Have a beautiful day. Know you are not alone, and you are being held and loved beyond measure by the greatest Love of All.

I love you and thank you for loving me.