Our approaching year (2015) adds up numerologically to and contains the qualities of the consciousness of the number (8). However, it’s not just a normal or regular number (8), but one that will produce a blockbuster year that will be remembered for many eons to come (which I will explain later). For all of us it will be a matter of using the energies of this (8) Universal Year to transform our thinking, emotions and perception of reality as well as the standards and qualities of our personal and unified global consciousnesses (which, unfortunately are presently very conflicted, negative and most certainly desperate).

The year (2015) is shaping up to be a real blockbuster (or should I say ego buster) sort of year that will directly impact and become transformational for all of humanity on a physical and spiritually alchemical level referred to above. One thing is probable, we may all experience numerous natural events (such as earthquakes, violent super storms, extreme weather, widespread terrorism and greater human rights hostilities and violations) that are the result of and arising from the violent and chaotic global consciousness that is gluting and poisoning our planet’s health and consciousness.

In order for this metamorphosis to occur each of us must cease the recklessly stupid abandonment of our human responsibilities to ourselves, Mother Nature and the Creator. Our true search can only begin when we look within, become painfully honest and introspective and are willing to correct our ways and conduct by taking a personal inventory of our lives thus far. In short, we have to want to take the first step on the spiritual path that will allow us to transform, gain control over our negative desires, eliminate our anger, jealousies, pride and hatred of others and their ways.

Our planet and Mother Earth simply will no longer tolerate the abuse they’ve been receiving from our modern societial lack of consciousness. The year (2015) is intended to bring us all to our senses and that can only happen when we experience some needed wakeup calls.

So, the question is… how can we save planet earth from falling lower into darkness, hopelessness, negative vibration and total destruction which could actually affect the life we hold dear. The answer (that is agreed by all who are deeply concerned) is for all of us on the planet to help raise its vibration through our individual and global efforts, to reach higher levels of right-thinking and conscious awareness. Of course for this to happen each of us must realize that only together through unity and purity of thought and dedicated purpose can this happen. Considering or viewing the world as it is now makes this prospect appear unlikely. However, if the world’s population continues to turn its back on this necessity, its future existence will be most likely impossible.

There is a hidden power within the psyche of the number (8) that strikes out at disobedient and discordant events and actions perpetrated by countries, societies, individuals and governments. This hidden power factor will demand change through transformation, so you can look for a possible increase in civil unrest as well as cold or hot war threats. I am sure many of you have sensed its approach and are prepared to initiate the needed changes.

The prime directive (for all) that is asked of us now is that we follow what the Creator intended, for all of us to raise and elevate our minds and emotional vibrations as well as our spiritual consciousness , so we can be released from the Wheel of repeated Incarnations. It’s time for us all to get smart so that we don’t continuously nail ourselves back on the wheel of reincarnation for another go around. I think we can all agree that this is an important and vital imperative. Be in Light and Love so we may all one day ascend spiritually.

May the Creator bless your efforts.

Joe Ivory / © Copyright: 2015
Tucson, AZ