Welcome all the seekers, pioneers, way-showers and bearers of light for the path we are creating is taking us to places we have never gone before. There has never been a time in history where there has been such rapid change. There are no elders, GPS, nor road maps to guide us. We are creating the memory of the future right here, right now. What’s more is that our sacred journey is leading us to places we have never been before, seeing with a new set of eyes how Divine, resilient and courageous we truly are.

Our journey is going beyond this world and beyond everything we thought we knew to be true up until now. We are traveling to new dimensions and places we thought were not possible to access. Our success on this journey relies upon our ability to embrace this new normal in the healthiest and most positive way possible. It hinges upon us having the capacity and courage to not live in the past and the resilience to be more flexible, to break old patterning and starting with a new storyline based on the truth of who we really are. It’s an extraordinary process of becoming the people we were suppose to be all along!

All of these extremes we are experiencing are creating big changes in our lives. Among the many uncertainties, one thing that we can be sure of is that our lives are changing in ways that we’re not used to, not prepared for and at a speed that we’ve never known. One of the keys to thriving now is not only loving ourselves more, but not to look back at all. One of the traits of top performers is to focus on the moment, not judge or criticize themselves and discern what thoughts they allow in.

The gateways have been opened so we can think, see and be a different US! Our world changes in direct proportion to our willingness to see and choose differently for ourselves. After all, whose life are we living anyway? What you shift from the inside out will create a different world – transforming everyone and everything.

Whose permission do you need to know what you already know? As Chögyam Trungpa puts it, “Self-deception often arises because you are afraid of your own intelligence and afraid you won’t be able to deal properly with your life. You are unable to acknowledge your innate wisdom. Instead, you see wisdom as a monumental thing outside yourself. That attitude has to be overcome.”

There are many detours and mountains to climb on this journey. Each of us has to follow our own true north even when the shadow has dimmed our ability to see clearly. Moreover, there are many gifts, invisible forces and wonderful and comforting companions and angels guiding us along the way. Those brilliant, bright and thoughtful souls such as each one of you remind us we aren’t alone. Together, our lives matter and together we make a difference.

Once you take pause and realize that even with the heart-breaks, set-backs and disappointments it all is grist for the mill and these experiences become open-ended opportunities to begin embracing the Divine within instead of longing for someone or something outside of ourselves to solve the problem and ultimately make us feel better. No matter what series of events life puts in front of you we are all being called to stop looking for the answers outside of ourselves and to dig deeper to the root of that emotion/pain that is causing us to feel stuck. How clever Spirit is that is sets us up for the invitation to go within and by creating these opportunities inviting us to finally embrace and realize that we are the only ones who are going to save ourselves from ourselves! And then to know that in every moment we can transcend that circumstance in this world and it will then make a difference in the next world.

Choose the most beautiful, blissful, loving and satisfying reality possible. You have been dreamed into this world – Reality adores you and intends for you now to participate in this incredible adventure. We are the dreamers! Let your imagination soar! Become spiritually naked and from a place of love and beauty take your light and illuminate it far and wide into the world. Your heart will expand and open wider than ever before, your divine destiny will be revealed and your soul will simply soar. For nothing is more precious nor more profoundly powerful then for us to transform and transcend and to become the evolution of Love itself. Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.