by Marcy Heller

“The fog is going to clear and when it does, you want to be ready to navigate the new terrain, ready to make choices that will take you closer to your purpose, not leave you lying flattened by the side of the road.” – Lorna Bevan

Dear Courageous Spiritual Warriors,

It brings me great joy to begin these musings by paraphrasing some wonderful news straight off the press with the latest information from The Pleiadians. I invite you to take a walk on the wild side and embrace this channeling from the Most High! The Light Beings are being joined for the largest mass meditation/gathering on April 4th for the sole purpose to clean up Mother Earth. All 4.5 billion Star-seeds of Mother Earth are being called to come to gather and create the largest global mediation/gathering ever achieved on this planet for the purpose to stop the virus in its tracks. According to The Pleiadians and Archangel Michael, things are shifting and the changes are provoking a major call for the collective to wake-up and see what has happened to our world. This is the very nature of change. All this is happening to make things new again. Just as the caterpillar morphs into a beautiful butterfly and must go through a death process while its alive to emerge as divine beauty when the change is complete. There is no one among us who does not know this feeling of change, transformation and pain. It is also this longing within us to follow our soul’s plan that leads us to hang on, to go on, to proceed with faith and hope. To dust ourselves off, and to start all over again. As the scriptures say, “This too shall pass!”

We are most certainly in a period of very rapid evolutionary change and transformation, according to artist and teacher, Celia Fenn. “This acceleration began with the big January conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in January. This was about the time that the Corona Virus was brought into consciousness by the media. This energy of fear is becoming ongoing and is being amplified as we go from day to day. I think March will be a challenging month for all of us as we strive to remain calm and in our Master Space. We are Masters of Light and Energy. Many of us have been training for this for years, decades and even lifetimes. Now is the time to stay calm and in your heart space, holding the New Earth energy. The energy is already intensifying as we head towards the Full Moon in Virgo. Virgo rules Health and Body issues, and this energy will intensify concerns with health. But it can also be used to intensify affirmations of good health and well being. I use a simple affirmation : “My body is strong and healthy!” And so it is in the radiance of the Earth Goddess/Virgo energy. Remember also that Regulus is in Virgo, so this energy is also amplified by the Regulus Blue White frequencies and can create health and well-being. Work with the Royal Lions and ask for health and well-being. On the higher levels of evolution, Mars and Pluto offer transformation by deepening our connection with Nature and expanding our role as Earth Keepers and Guardians of Nature on the Planet. So my message to you would be to stay calm, don’t panic and spend as much time as you can in nature, in your garden, with your animals and with your indoor plants. Make the New Earth consciousness a part of your daily life in March!”

Remember to keep your frequencies as high as you can. Meditation, prayer, yoga, tapping and chocolate (if you can still get it), are working best for me! There is one recipe for all of this especially when you are feeling pain, fear and uncertainty. Create more love. When Divine Love is revealed through the roots of our pain, all the manifestations born out of the emotional pain dissolve. We then can sit in the silence of our own lives filled with love amidst any chaos. Infuse yourself with Divine Love. Become that Sacred Site for Divine Love to emerge within you so that together as we hold that Sacred Space of unconditional love for all we can create a different vibration so humanity can up-level itself. We forget how difficult this path/journey. Despite the fact that many of us appear to be serious, respectable, imposing or cool etc. we all have that childlike energy within us longing to be soothed.

All of this was bound to happen as we are going through a reckoning as never before to bring back harmony and balance to our planet. As the brilliant creative geniuses and co-creators you are, do what you all came here to do. Basically, managing your own destiny comes down to being mindful and making a choice in each moment! We can choose love or fear. Moreover, if you don’t control reality, it is going to control you! Do your part for the collective. For it needs your Light to shine as never before.

Take note the Archangels, Saints and Masters are singing, “Be very proud of your magnificent achievements!” With G-d speed, nothing can stop us for together we are shifting this world into the heaven it was always meant to be. Thank you for coming to earth and your service. It can be a great time for us since this is what we were born for – to Mid-wife a new humanity. Allow yourself to create the most important conditions for your dreams to be manifested. We all know that with change comes chaos. We can be the creators or the victims of that very change. Yes, things are shifting but know according to The Pleiadians, benevolent forces are working with us and everything is as planned. Thank you for your precious presence. For being here at this time, for coming to earth and for your great service to humanity. Please call upon me if you would like to have a mystical reading to assist you in navigating these uncharted waters. I love you madly. Stay safe and take good care. You are so loved.