by Marcy Heller

Congratulations, we are doing it – for there has never been a more elegant way of teaching then what we are being taught now. We stand at the precipice of being not only the most challenged but the most conscious/aware Beings ever to have walked Planet Earth!

The incredible beauty and truth of this awesome journey of discovery and transcendence that we are now mysteriously finding ourselves in is beyond language. It is beyond imagination. It is beyond the beyond. In this vast playground of opportunities we are being given the teachings from the most high. What’s more, because our attitude makes all the difference, we are creating all of this magic by focusing on Love and Light – which is the most profound experience of all human realities. And once we find that sacred space of Divine Love it begins to speak to us through every circumstance, deepening and expanding not only into our own hearts but draws us to continually seek it in others.

With all the excitement of the holiday season surrounding us it also takes great discipline and grounding to make and keep the changes we are committing ourselves to, continually staying in our hearts and experiencing more joy. It is calling forth a great resolve of everything in us, and only thorough our complete attention and intention will it come to surface and remain there. Carl Jung said that, “Change requires three things: insight, endurance and action. It is a revised perspective about who we are or how our world works.”

Ready or not, we are all being forced to dive deeper into our own unique adventure down the rabbit hole.  To dig down and deep and continue to go further and further. To have bravado and cultivate our courage as never before. To become spiritually naked and from this place of love, beauty and balance take our Light and illuminate it far and wide with the world. Everything is in alignment and just stunning in their positions for all of us to download new ideas and revelations and to begin manifesting our magic as never before.

What is that expanded version that you long to be? The universe is prompting us to disconnect from all of the stuff we have been through and come from who we are and who we have been to who we have the right to be. To keep affirming the positive. The miracles. To continue to ask ‘How good can it get!’ Once we empty out the old and to begin stripping everything away, we create the field for all our new dreams, ventures and ideas to be manifested. And, it is all an inside job. The entire path is being created from within our own true selves.

Once we claim our authentic power even in this new normal of uncertainty, we can overcome the challenge of feeling disoriented, scared, hopeless and helpless by focusing on being the divine messengers of who we truly are.

For instance, when we’re feel lost and confused, we all want a map—but maps can only tell us what was and where we’ve been. However, in our new consciousness/world now all of us, personally and collectively, are headed somewhere new, to a future that has not yet been imagined (must less written about), that we’re creating as we move forward. Whatever we wish to experience and manifest, if we start in the realm of form from our old mind consciousness, trying to fix and control our lives, we end up living someone else’s life and ultimately disappoint ourselves since we are not being our own authentic selves.  When we create our own path, we have our own unique experience which empowers us with a deep sense of purpose being the deliberate creators we were born to be!

This is our work. It isn’t for the faint of heart. Therefore when we start to integrate all the good, bad and the ugly and step courageously into the unknown the universe supports us in ways we could never imagine.  True freedom is responsibility. We are the miracles and blessings that Love created us from.  A new humanity awaits us all – we were born for this time!

Choose your most beautiful, blissful, loving and most passionate reality possible. We are the dreamers, way-showers, star seeds and rebels!  Let your imagination soar! Become spiritually naked and from a place of love and beauty take your light and illuminate it far and wide into the world. I promise you that your heart will expand and open wider than ever before, your divine destiny will be revealed and your soul will simply soar.

I cannot language all I want for all of you now and forever more. Know my love and my hope that I hold for all of you is Outstanding Abundant Health, Infinite Glorious Prosperity and Unconditional Love that surrounds and embraces you through and through. Let’s decide, declare and decree that this is our birthright! Let’s hold the vision for all of our dreams coming true in 2022 and most importantly peace on earth and a world that works for everyone!

There will always be times when you feel discouraged. I too have felt much sadness and despair; however, I am still asking and praying each day ‘How can it get better’? And, it usually does!

Thank you for being on this wild ride with me. May you continue to align with Divine Love no matter what happens and may you allow the Universe to catch up with your dreams. And, last but not least, may you celebrate your miracles – after all you are the Power that created it all! Let there be Peace ☮️ on earth and let it begin with US!  Have the best week ever and keep allowing all your dreams to become reality for the benefit of all of humanity!