by Marcy Heller

“Sometimes everything has to be inscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that first, bright and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart.” – David Whyte.

Dear StarSeeds,

It is my deepest desire to congratulate you for staying and being so fully present, aware and conscious as this new year has begun with a roar, a continuous chaotic flow of upheaval, uncertainty and magic! Yet you have remained stead-fast on your journey of ascension, only growing better not bitter! That is why it is imperative that I begin with a heads up from our brilliant astrologer, Lorna Bevan.

“Creating/Being/Offering Sanctuary has never been so important…Just think about the continuous physical and emotional wear-and-tear/trauma you have endured in this present lifetime of yours…in the last few years…in the last few months. We all need some gentleness now. We all need some healing. We all need a rest. What we definitely do not need is to fall into the old 3D trap of “New Year/New Decade/New Me/New Start” self-violence. Let’s start with being kinder to ourselves and then kinder to others, with tentatively beginning to trust in life again. As your nervous system is continuously fritzed by the Evolutionary Burn, by unprecedented solar storms, by the spike in the Schumann Resonance, by the weakening of the Earth’s Shield, you are engaged in magnetic physical healing, repair and integration so don’t jump straight into the Next before you experience the Now. You are being physically and emotionally pushed forward by huge birth contractions into a world-turned-upside-down paradigm- so don’t strive for the new, but focus on what’s emerging. Only when you stop striving, can you carve out new neural pathways, creating a new blue print as you go along, surrendering the illusion of control and actively collaborating with Fate. In the face of the relentless un-ravelling/collapse, how can you meet it? With resistance, hardening your body, restricting your breath? Or with openness and curiosity about the shattering of your old opinions, judgments and expectations? If you cling to or fall back into the old fictions you used to fool yourself with, the present with its potential is inaccessible. If you keep trying to second guess or project yourself into the future, you lose your power to act Now. Before you can create next season’s growth, you need to be rose rooted and deeply planted.”

By following the gluten-free bread crumbs and surrendering to what is, I am always in awe how these forces of incredible energy that may be invisible to the eye, continue to astonish, impress and inspire the All of US. It is so much more than anything that my senses could touch, much less understand. Even though it may be shrouded in mystery to my intellect it nevertheless is always felt in my heart. It is life itself unfolding perfectly. All we have to do is to have a reckoning/surrender and know again and again to trust. Life wants more for us than we could ever dreamed up for ourselves. Lao Tse called this power “the Tao,” or “the Great Way. The Tao calls us to trust comings and goings. Each occurs in its own right time and leads to the next step in the cycle. Life does not go in circles. It is constantly spiraling upward. Let cycles play themselves out and they will reveal their true purpose to you. Up until now we have lived in flight-or-fight response, impeding our magic/growth/evolution every moment we choose fear instead of trust. Not only do we sabotage ourselves by not believing that we are powerful beyond measure we continue to lose our life force by not making use of it! Our consciousness creates our circumstances. Our life it not determined so much by what is outside of us, it it determined by our state of mind. Instead of the old adage, ‘I will believe it when I see it’ has been transformed to “I will see it when I believe it!” Feeling makes it so…is the new normal. Take pause and know your imagination animates the world in which you live. When you change your imagination, you change the world. This is the law of your own wonderful imaginging and being. Believe it, and it becomes your reality.

In Alan Cohen’s book, ‘The Tao Made Easy’, he reminds us, “Don’t be put off by adversity. You are on the road your Soul came to travel. Yet for all the kind intention this wish bestows, it is slightly flawed. It assumes that you must either get lucky or do something to get the Force to be with you. But the Force is already within you. It breathes, speaks, and acts in you, offers guidance and grace at every turn, and expresses as you – just because you are a creation of the Force. I have made countless efforts to harness the universe to work on my behalf. None of those attempts got me anywhere until I realized that life was already doing everything it could to further my good. You don’t have to tell the Force how to help you. You just have to let it find you and work for you and through you. A more accurate benediction would be, May you be with the Force! If there is one thing in the world that we can depend on, it is change. Lao Tse calls us to not resist change, but to let it empower us. The more you fight change, the more it overwhelms you. The more you flow with it, the more it strengthens you. The river of life takes many twists and turns. The sage does not attempt to paddle back upstream, but delights in the mystery of where the new twists and turns lead.”

There are so many pearls in Mr. Cohen’s beautiful book; however, the underlying message in Spirituality is simple. All we have to do is follow this advice. Do what livens you. Maximize what makes you feel good, and don’t do what deadens you. Even though everything seems to be changing and the energy around us has amplified, expanded and accelerated as never before keep following those things that maximize your life force and minimize those things that take away from your joy! Ask your heart what you are resisting, because usually what we are resisting is where we are holding onto fear. Once we peel that resistance away we are then left with only the Divine Love that we are. Fear is always the anticipation of pain! And, remember, anyone that doesn’t support you, supporting you has to be removed from your schedule.

An ancient Chinese blessing wishes us, “May you live during interesting times.” That wish, for good or ill, has come true for us.” As spiritual beings our attitudes, thoughts and emotions make or break our life. I am truly grateful once again being reminded that what we have come here to do is to fulfill our soul’s plan while we walk each other home. Basically, let go and let G-d! Yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda also advised, “What comes of itself, let it come. What goes of itself, let it go.” Yet many of us still try to control what is uncontrollable.

When we view the energy of all that is happening around us we see how we have perfectly designed it all so that we can redirect our attention toward the energy of knowing and loving our true Self. We are being asked to re-enchant and re-imagine your world, and to see it with a new vision. When the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of changing, we change! When we can experience the fullness of who we truly are and show up as our true Self the whole playing field changes.

Once we start to awaken and begin to feel what is the truth for ourselves we then can use these keys to unlock ourselves and begin to break out of our self–imposed prisons. Now more than ever we are being downloaded at amazing speed with everything we need to finally be free.

My wish is for you to discover that in the deepest part of you resides the most infinite, glorious and unlimited being. You are Divine Love itself. You deserve everything so take advantage of this fertile ground by beginning to make incredible and radical changes for your pursuit of happiness. After all you are the screen writer, director and producer of your own thoughts and universe. Shine brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light as you turn your tears into a triumph for all of us. You are the Bravest Souls I AM privileged to know. Moreover, when you realize this truth, your world is transformed. You raise your vibration because the respect that you will feel for yourself and the rewards that accompany that comes after you take that leap of faith and start to trust. Once you engage and align with that truth using the most powerful force within you, the universe and all the planets line up to support you. By staying in your heart and being your most beautiful Self you are making it easier for all of us to ascend and be lifted up. Each of you is part of the whole, and so needed. As Archangel Michael decrees, “All of you, as StarSeed and world servers, are encoded with Memory Seed Atoms giving you a burning desire to participate in the manifestation of this incredible dream of the future. Your personal goal is to become a Self-directed, Soul-inspired entity in the midst of the chaos and turmoil of the current, Third- / Fourth-Dimensional reality of today.”
In your secret heart of hearts you are endless, infinite, more loving and more brilliant then you could ever imagine. You have been dreamed into this world to shine your Light brightly. Know at this auspicious time that everything is possible. You are your own magic wand.