by Marcy Heller

If you are reading these musings, most likely you are the ones who have gathered here and now and decided to incarnate at the highest level available. The criteria for doing just that requires us to awaken to who and what we truly are. The spiritual path is the journey of self-realization. They say that the truth can set you free, yet most of us hold back our truth and thus imprison ourselves. Being spiritual is about moving forward, giving birth to ourselves in every moment by unveiling what is true for us only by discovering and experiencing what isn’t true!

When our deeper self does come out we truly feel empowered to become ourselves. We feel whole, mainly because our soul knows we are fulfilling our destiny in that moment. We are no longer separated from ourselves, making it possible to regenerate and feel reborn! It may have been one of those times that we may of said and felt, “It was like I died and went to heaven!”

Moreover, in not living our truth, not only are we denying ourselves, we are putting such heavy burdens on others who follow us, leaving immense pain for our families and friends to deal with later on. When we are running on all four burners and are healing ourselves we become whole again.

As we continue on this roller coaster ride living on the edge feeling the acceleration of everything, we have to learn to stand in the darkness of not knowing. We are here to learn how to become ourselves even in the darkest times of uncertainty and to not abandon or judge ourselves so we don’t fall into despair. As humans we are hard-wired to believe that we are supposed to keep moving forward, to progress, to be purposeful. We have downloaded the wrong idea. For even in the most difficult of times life has the ability to transform our pain into wisdom and joy! We are the initiates now walking in the dark so we can discover our own path, purpose and vision of our souls that will bring back passion into our lives.

In the book ‘Broken Open’, by Elizabeth Lesser she wrote, “When you choose to learn and to grow from the weight of the world-you are putting your soul in charge of your life. You are not choosing the attitude of your smaller and more fearful self but rather the attitude of your soul, which is hopeful, expansive and eternal. You are living for the deeper truth hidden in the pain of circumstance!”

As Michael Meade points out in his book Fate and Destiny, “Fate keeps troubling the soul and even endangering the world until people accept that some deep truths must be faced. When the time for healing comes and the wounds of life can no longer be denied, those who are closest to the wounds will be better able to face the truth and start the healing. The medicine must be found where it has been all along, within us. The wisdom of the world is such that each soul has something to contribute in terms of the presence of inner truth and each can offer a part of the remedy so desperately needed!”

Everything we do as we co-create our new world is based on energy. The energy of what we are putting out there. That energy is drawing to us everything we experience. To ‘Know Thyself’, is the advice carved in stone at the famous oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece. The more we align with who we truly are and not try to simply fit in somewhere to be something we are not, the more we are anchoring ourselves in our own Divine Presence. Consequently, the more we change from the inside out, not only do we change, we affect our whole culture.  For in digging deeper for our own truth not only does it set us free, it gives way for all of us to become more authentic!

Of course, our intention and worthiness to receive is also a great barometer for allowing what does come in to our lives as well. The great news is when we change our consciousness we change our world! If we want to create heaven on earth we don’t have to entangle in lower creations of consciousness any more. Everything is an extension of ourselves. When we choose lack, separation, struggle, and judgment, all exists in a lower level of consciousness. When we focus on any of the above it is always going to take us out of heaven on Earth! Just allow this information to expand. Integrate whatever resonates and trust what you will create. It is simple, just not easy! Keep asking and know you deserve to receive for eons of service to G-d and humanity!

Today, stay in your integrity with your higher self. Be who you truly are. It will light the way for you. Our minds are only going to limit us. Moreover, by staying in our hearts, being our beautiful self, we are making it easier for all of us to ascend and be lifted up.

Thank you for being a catalyst and container for peace, love and beauty. Each of you is part of the whole and so needed. Have the best week ever cherishing the wonder, power, magic, resilience, strength, beauty, clarity, truth and courage of You. We are all going through the most rapid, intense period of spiritual growth. Being Spiritual is not always easy! Remember to keep employing the art of alchemy, tTurning our base metal into gold.  It’s time to step back, and let the universe step up! To retreat and know the Power of the Universe is Within You! You are filled with Unlimited Potential! You are truly Blessed.