by Marcy Heller

Beyond our physicality there lies a realm within us that is pure potential. Many of us are feeling it now, especially because everything in our world seems to be so much more contracting instead of expanding! Yes, it is the end of the world as we knew it. The shift is happening and from this sacred place where there lies a vortex of infinite possibilities, especially miracles, we can expand in every way.

Even though we are still in the midst of the lowest of the low we are going to be rejuvenated with so many new paradigms that will be coming to and through us – with so much more integrity this time around. We collectively have made a choice that we wanted to move towards ascension rather than destruction that has set-up a cascade of new changes beginning with a higher consciousness that we have never experienced on this earth plane. This is our test. Our initiation. Spirituality is the measure of how Loving a person can be.  It’s the measure of how willing we are to allow Grace—some power greater than ourselves—to enter our lives and guide us along our way so we can anchor the Light!  The whole reason we incarnate on this planet is to bring the darkness home to the light, it is so surprising then why so many people are not doing it!

When we are operating in fear or from our past traumas we are immediately limited by the beliefs we have held from the past. Wouldn’t it be nice to begin this new year not waking up to the same day we lived the day before, and the day before that? Consider what a gift this would be after experiencing two of the most difficult, challenging and stressful years of all times!

Clinical studies continue to provide empirical evidence that inner practices positively not only shift the practitioner’s vibrational frequencies but the whole electro-magnetic field from wherever they stand. When we allow our selves to go within, we end up broadcasting the larger portion of who we truly are, our own authentic, magnetic and magical selves. We eclipse the limited version of who we had previously shown up as in our everyday life, and by consequently following this path the benefits that we get to discover are our true destiny. We are following our North star’s path to fulfillment, and eventually to enlightenment.

In the channeled book, ‘The Book of Freedom’, Paul Selig wrote, “If you can imagine that the beliefs that you hold as a small self are indeed limited, and you can’t align to what you can’t imagine or conceive of, you will understand this. Each of you chooses as best you can at the level of alignment you have agreed to based upon what you think you can have. Because the True Self is not limited in the same way, what becomes available—the different doorways, perhaps—will be very different. What is chosen by the True Self will always be to move the True Self into greater expression. Each of you comes in a higher way to realize yourself outside of the known, so what we wish to do with you now is lift you beyond the known to a new level of capacity to hold the potential that may be claimed. It must be understood that by doing this exercise, you are turning the page in a book to a book that has not yet been written. And if you do this, the pages must begin to fill with new possibilities, not the prescriptions of old, not the definitions you’ve used, which in and of themselves are limiting.”

Our new path is letting go of how you thought your life was going to be and surrender to the life that is being integrated into your consciousness! Possibly just like you growing up in a 3d world, I never gave much thought or knew that our Souls are immortal. That they are our essence.  What literally is driving the Bus known as YOU!   If you’re reading this now you are one of the few and of the many beautiful powerful, creative, compassionate and loving Souls that have chosen to participate in the evolution of the human species at this time in our evolution.  Many of us are now awakening to the truth of who we really are. That we are the Gift!  One of my favorite sayings is, “We have our PhD in giving, now we must learn that we are the Gift and for eons of lifetimes in service to consciousness and humanity must learn and know we deserve to receive!” This is our new creation story!

It is time for us to receive and time for all of us to take responsibility for all of our planet so that we may all live in harmony with its resources.  Shaman Durek in his book, “Spirit Hacking” wrote, “We are all creators. Each one of us is constantly creating this reality construct that we are all housed in with our will, and our beliefs, and our attention. I cannot underscore enough the importance of understanding that we human beings are creating our world with our every thought, our every word, our every choice, and our every behavior. The way that we think, and the way we interact as a collective is quite literally making our world the way it is right now. So if you want the world to be different, your job is to dream it different, and to be, and to share, and to radiate every quality you want to see in the world in service to that different dream.”