As Steve Taylor puts it, in his new book, The Leap, “ Evolution is not just behind us, but in front of us as well. Furthermore, and contrary to the creed of our mainstream culture, there is direction and purpose behind the evolutionary process. Where it is going, however, is beyond all imagination. What we can say is that the evolutionary impulse behind the process is the growth of consciousness. The universe wants to become more conscious, and the main life purpose for all human beings is to come into alignment with that universal purpose. Entering into conscious alignment with universal purpose is an amazing evolutionary leap. However, what does it really mean for human beings at their current evolutionary stage to “become more conscious” or to “awaken”? If I had to put it in a nutshell, said, Eckhart Tolle, “I would define it as “disidentification from thinking.” When you realize that the voice in your head, your incessant compulsive thinking, is not who you are, then you have begun to awaken. A new dimension of consciousness has arisen, which we could call awareness, presence, or wakefulness. You haven’t fallen below thought; you have risen above it. Now you can use thought instead of being used by it. Your sense of self shifts from identification with your mental positions and narratives to the alive presence within you, which is consciousness itself. You realize the being behind the human, so to speak. Something that transcends your conditioned personality begins to emerge. You realize your essential identity as unconditioned consciousness itself, and you can verify within yourself the truth, “You are the light of the world.”

This month has been revolutionary in how many of us are actively moving towards a new experience and a higher expression of who we were – realizing more than ever that we are creating all new experiences. However, we are still in the midst of the dissolution of the old self and the old life. Being “in between” the old and the new can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable and confused. It is essential to remember that we are now the masters of our experience and we must stay present so we can choose wisely. During these times there will be great messages of who we are and how we can become our true selves. In these difficult times, the friendly forces that work through us want to assist us. Know too that you must ask for help. And then to take that leap of faith.

When we are in the fire and can hold onto faith that there is meaning in whatever the misery, challenge or pain we are experiencing and going through, remember to pray for that meaning to be revealed. Sometimes we may be afraid that we will be consumed by it all; however, if we allow ourselves to be with it, it can be an incredible gift to us. Learn to pray to remove the veils so you are not intoxicated by your own stories and fears so that you can begin to see the thoughts of God.

As the Buddha said, “Come and see.” If you afraid to feel whatever emotions are arising just think back in your life and think about the times you never thought you could get through and what the gifts were after you went through those dark nights of the soul that taught you and made your life so much richer. This helps you build up your spiritual muscles. Even in times of trouble we can shine the light of consciousness things do brighten up. The key is to call on our best self to respond to whatever is coming up and transcending into love.

As I have discovered, our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by our attitudes of how we respond. As the conscious beings we are, we don’t want to add to the collective unconsciousness, which is manifesting everywhere these days (especially in the media) through reacting. By bringing the light of consciousness to every heart, situation, challenge and social media post, we change the world! Life always is giving us what we need in the next step of our spiritual growth. Every challenge holds the potential for us to climb the evolutionary scales even further. From this space of tethering ourselves to our core, life becomes an open-ended opportunity to embrace each aspect of our Divinity. No matter what series of events life puts together you are being shown what is next to be loved instead of judged. And, even if there are judgments active within you, perhaps it is merely a more clever invitation to love and embrace the one who judges, instead of withholding love until the judgments subside.

On behalf of the collective unconscious and the universe, now is our time to shine brightly. To let go of the past, as well as the foreseeable future and behold only the gift of Now – that is the present! The gateways have been opened so we can think, see and be a different US! Remembering that our world changes in direct proportion to our willingness to see and choose differently for ourselves. We are our world! What you shift from inside out will create a different world transforming everything.

As Guy Finley, one of my favorite authors wrote, “Once we see the definitive link between the fear, worry or anger we feel, and the particular false sense of self that doesn’t exist without these punishing states, our choice becomes clear: Either we agree to live with these negative states, ever struggling, in vain, to control any unwanted moment that challenges our false self…Or, we choose to go through that fear, once and for all, in order to see that who we are, in reality, is not who we have imagined ourselves to be”. Proper observation creates a separation from thinking and reliving feelings; there is no identification, only seeing what is trying to carry you away into its world. Keep looking in the right direction, which is into the moment as it is”.

Once we start to awaken and begin to feel what is the truth for ourselves, we then can use these keys to unlock ourselves and begin to break out of our self-imposed prisons. Now more than ever we are being downloaded at amazing speed with everything we need to finally be free.

Today take the Leap and turn the power inward to Love the life you live. Do it! Fall in Love with your Life and with yourself. You are the One you have been waiting for. Moreover, others are not going to Love us the way we Love them, they are going to love us the way we love ourselves! The more you focus on truly loving yourself you are also going to be loving to others. Especially since Love makes the world go round. And how does it get any better than that!